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Role in an organization
I worked as Business lecturer taking classes for Business studies and Marketing management. I also worked as Coordinator for activities such as Academics, Internship and Placement. My role to provide knowledge, skills and overall personality development of students and achieve institutional goals
Achieving Targets
Achieving targets is a collective responsibility. Overall target is split up and given to individuals in a team. The sales people should have training in understanding company, product, market, needs, place, competitors, and acquire selling skills. The sales force shall be directed towards prospective and potential customers to have focus. They shall be guided and advised to overcome hurdles and motivate them to achieve targets. They shall be monitored regularly and helped to reduce failure rate.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Professional Certificate in Marketing gives practical skills and knowledge to devise and execute activities and gain credibility. It also aims to provide a practical insight into the principles and application of marketing at a tactical level. Some certifications: government license such as IRDA, MBA, Diploma in retail, digital marketing, Market research, media advertising, ethics, tele-calling etc
We need to give full support to them not lose hope and thus continue striving towards targets. We need to identify the reasons and locate failure as part of - product, promotion schemes, company, individual seller, customer attitude, trend etc and take actions accordingly. We should tell the success stories which migrated from failures as stepping stones to success.
Importance of On line marketing
Depends on the company. Generally, Online marketing is taking 10-20 % share in getting sales and transmitting information and is increasing now. Pure online-companies will have 80% online and 20% offline. Online marketing will have audience in the age range 13-45 years now, majority in social media. Online marketing can cover wide geographical area in limited time and can shoot sharp on specific target with less miss in firing. In short, the company should have right combination of online and offline marketing
Future prospect
I want to be the head of an Organisation or probably the head of my own organisation
Motivating Factor
Individuals will have 2 types of motives. Financial and non-financial. Financial motives are more survival and creating social status for self and family members. Non-financial motives are for gaining work experience, appreciations, outstanding achievements, recognition and popularity in the industry. Negative reinforcements such as risk in career will lead the individual along the right track.
Positioning the product
Positioning means taking a unique place in the market space for competition with reference to close competitors using market mapping. Various positions can be adopted such as - benefits, customer segment, product category, Quality, price range etc. Eg : Horlicks women
What can be achieved
Marketing problems may be internal or external to the company. The marketing person can only market the company and its product in a given market or place. Inherent defects in the product, company reputation, after sales service, personal selling, advertising themes, promotion schemes, limits in travelling etc may hinder marketing efforts. Marketing is inextricably intertwined with the rest of the organization. Hence these issues are to be sorted out strategically by top management, instead of blaming the individual
Don't know whether the question is "assess or access". My growth was somewhat low due to less scope in career ladder stagnancy. But I have grown inherently by acquiring knowledge, experience, psychological elevation and prestige of self- actualization
Importance of STP
These are 3 steps in marketing process. If the company has only one product, the company may choose specific product in specific segment to avoid direct collision with competitor. Choosing the right target and taking a safe position will enable success in marketing and sales. If there is multiple- product in portfolio, the company can put different products in different segments, so that the customer will get the appropriate product and the company efforts wont be wasted due miss-firing. It is easy for the customer to identify the product, whereas it is difficult for the company to identify the customer.
They are not synonyms. Selling is part of marketing. Marketing starts before production or even before the company is started. Marketing tries to create valuable goods and services which the consumers will wish to buy. The seller takes cues from the buyer and the product becomes the consequence of the marketing effort, not vice-versa. Selling merely concerns with the tricks and techniques of getting the customers to exchange cash for the products; it does not bother about the value satisfaction of exchange. On the contrary, marketing views the entire business as consisting of integrated effort to discover, create, arouse and satisfy needs’.
Marketing can be effectively done for a company, institution, place, person or idea which is currently an unknown unimportant in the crowded market space. Marketing is pulling, while Selling is pushing
Marketing is different from Production, Finance, HR, Operations, Selling. The first priority in concept to implementation is marketing. Without right way of marketing, the company may produce wrong product, indulge into wrong market and make many strategic mistakes leading to collapse of the firm. Marketing mainly involves concepts and intangibles such as concept, brand, theme, position etc, where as other streams involve tangibles such as cash, physical products, staff, machines etc. Eg : Tata Nano in tiny car market
Marketing is the social process by which people get the opportunity to satisfy their needs through a firm that creates, offers and delivers products or company concept. marketing team identify the current and unmet and imaginary needs of customers and create products that closely satisfy them. The needs may associate with choice of quality, price, convenient location. marketing is important because it can create needs and also satisfy needs. Marketing is a pull factor that brings in prospective customers who are otherwise unknown. Eg : Sony Walkman satisfied the need to enjoy music personally during travelling. Marketing involves creating communicating and delivering values. Example : Calvin Klein is a fashion brand founded by American fashion designer Calvin Klein well known for quality and contemporary style
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