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Anl Madhavann
Anl Madhavann

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Keep Trying

1. Give up task that do not generate value-additions (and people too). 2. Never ever give up tryiing to improve present better conditions inste... more>>
Achieving Success and ensuring growth
1. Associate only with growth sectors and growth oriented environs so that value-adds are increased
2. Create after validation such growth and maintain for standards of excellence all the time by strenuous practice
3. Be a creator of growth and explore values to achieve the same faster and with sustenance by passion and dedication
Current Job description
1. As CFO & Company Secretary of an Indian Listed software company, the role play is to oganise funds, do treasury operations and maintain and grow shareholders' wealth thro sysnergies, JVs, acquisitons, secretarial practices and corporate governance.

2. Take care of working capital funds and capital investment decisions

3. Taking decisions for all major avenues relating to National and International Group entities, personnel etc.
Handling Office disputes
1. Genuineness of the grievance is an important examination to be done
2. Should not be emotional but at the same time IMPARTIAL-are the attributes to be attached
3. After the solutions, both parties should be happy-then only it is win-win
Leadership qualities
1. Taking people along is one of prime leadership qualities one should possess.
2. Specialised tasks requires specialised skills and hence special team reqd unless multi-tasking is practised
3. Always available for solutions and always in the process of innovation - is yet another leadership quality
4. Cost rationalisation should become a CORPORATE CULTURE
5. Respect Leaders and so will other follow when one becomes the Leader; it is by presentation and not by demand.
Advice to upcoming leaders
1. Give up task that do not generate value-additions (and people too).
2. Never ever give up tryiing to improve present better conditions instead of relaxing for the available
3. Have a threshold limit in every thing so that no trespassing happens at any cost
Important career decisions
1. Choosing positions and companies-MNC/TNC/Family-run concerns-role plays & responsibilities+deliverable
2. Choice of compensation-proper fixation norms and growth aspects
3. Location-key decision-my experience has been varied with geographies of regions-India & Overseas
4. Choice of Team for better execution skills
5. Choice of improving scales of operations-improving personnel with training and education + productivity increases
Avoiding mistakes – both in your personal as well as profession
1. Cannot avoid when it is bound to happen (destiny) BUT conscious about every move and hence can protect
2. Be alert always-is one of reasons to be watchful
3. Taking all decisions consciously after understanding outcomes till last mile
Inspired by
1. My father -who is a self made person-come through the very hard way with absolute value systems and why?
2. Because he ACHIEVED
My outlook on India technological development
1. Would not agree totally with this though YES primarily; as I see the reason, it is 'brain-drain' as opportunities overseas are plenty with better compensation and standard of living individually.

2. Steps to synergise and improve: As India is emerging in the Global Map economic and living standards improving, if governmental regulations and compliances improve (after all public money is involved) we can shape-up better.

3. Significantly, we can improve by standardising talent pool and create a kind of resourceful data bank for usage. For this total committment from both State and Central Govt is reqd and there should be Leadign Corporates Volunteering to build process of excellence in atleast creating the best of DATA BANKS if not utilisation of talents.

4. Worst Weakness in the system is "TALENTS are spotted that too rarely only after theTALENTED is settled in Life"

My family background
1. Home maker -my spouse & Aged Mother (partially blind)
2. Son budding engineer specializing in Electronics & Communication Engineering
3. We are a joint hindu family and having two sisters, two brothers and I am the eldest
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Trainer and Mentor
Managing Director TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd
TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd
Senior Program Manager
KPIT Cummins Infosystems
Head, Quality Assurance Regulatory Affairs at Larsen and Toubro Limited, Medical Equipment business unit
Retired from L&T