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Using img tag in HTML

I am unable to display images using img tag.

The code is attached below. Please help me fixing this. I am using Safari as the browser.

This is the title of document
<!-- These are all headings in my page -->
<h1> Welcome </h1>
<!-- You can align and display text like this -->
<p align=left>Left align</p>
<p align=right>Right align</p>
<p align=center>Center align</p>
<p align=justify>Justify text</p>
<img src="images/Best wishes1.jpg"/>
<img src="images/Best wishes2.jpg"/>
<img src="images/Best wishes3.jpg"/>
<img src="images/Best wishes4.jpg"/>
<img src="images/Best wishes5.jpg"/>

I have placed this code and images in the same folder.
Asked by Ruchika Mehta | Apr 22, 2014 |  Reply now
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well, first of all, if you have placed the code in the same folder, why are you using "images/....", because it means that the images are in the image folder. second, I can see that there is a space between the name of your images, and as far as I am concerned it is not allowed...

Solution: 1 - put your html document in a folder. create a new folder inside this folder and then salve yours images in this folder.
2 - change the name of yours pictures, i mean, instead of "Best wishes1" try to salve then as "Bestwishes1"

I hope it helps
May 1, 2014