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Set path to bin folder

sir i have tried setting the path for executing java pgms using the following command on my windows 8.1 operating laptop:
set PATH=%PATH;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_05\bin

though the command works proper and i am able to execute the java codes but once i close the cmd prompt i again have to set the path, when i need to execute again or other java pgms.
can you please help me out with this so i could permanently set the path, and would not require to set the path again and again.
Asked by Kushal Arya | Jun 20, 2014 |  Reply now
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Thanks on editing the path variable there, it has solved the problem.
Now i can execute the java programs efficiently.
Jun 29, 2014
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In OSs the system needs to know where to look for things when users ask it to do things.
A set of "paths" to certain directories/folders are listed in the PATH.
When a users tells the OS to start the Java compiler by typing java filename.class, the OS searches along the set of paths in the PATH for the java program.

Also do in Environment Variable.

Right Click the MyComputer icon on the desktop and choose Properties from the drop down menu
You should be seeing the System Properties window
Choose the Advanced tab
Click the Environment Variables button.

Jun 22, 2014