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Queries regarding Assignment for the topic "Class"


I have gone through the topic of Class and am preparing an assignment for the same. I see that there are three questions in this chapter as follows:

1.Write a program to implement a program of your own using classes.
Hint: You can use the MyOwnCar as reference

2.Write a programme to print your name and age by implementing classes. Again, please use the MyOwnCar as reference

3.Write a program to implement two classes in a program. You can re use the program of 2nd project module and modified it such that there is a separate class to print your name and another class to print your age.

However, I can see that the sample program MyOwnCar already makes use of two classes namely Car and MyOwnCar.

I request you to please elaborate how question 3 varies from questions 1 and 2 since the latter two suggest using the sample program as reference.

Are we required to use one class to call both methods in the first two questions while in question 3 we need two classes to call one method each?
Asked by Sagar Kudrimoti | Sep 6, 2014 |  Reply now
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There is one example in the section as Car example. and another MyOwnCar.Individually You can execute.
In question 3,it is asking to make one single program in which you have to write all the Car and MyOwnCar program Code.Then execute and check the difference.
Sep 7, 2014