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Login Page

How to create login page using MS SQL and ?
Asked by Kumar Gaurav | Oct 2, 2010 |  Reply now
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It involes the following steps.

1) UI design: We need to design the required user interface to capture username, password, forgot password etc. We can use controls like labels, textboxes and button. Also microsoft provides a set of controls called login controls.
2)Coding: We need to write code to a) To validate the username and password stored in the sqlserver: Using ADO.NET we need to pass data entered by user to database and check whether it is valid or not.If valid we need to redirect to homepage or any similar page. If not, we need to display error message.
b)we also need to write code for clearing textboxes,forgot password etc.

Just google the topic, you will get some sample piece of code.
Oct 4, 2010