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Hello Dear Classmates,
I want to know how many URL's can be suggested for a particular keyword.
Is it necessary that domain name contains the same keyword.
Asked by Nitin Bhatia | Jan 22, 2013 |  Reply now
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Hi Nitin...

Many URL can be suggested with particular keyword .for example: i somebody sells herbal ayurvedic products those have medicinal effects you have keyword herbal, ayurvedic, products...with the help of these keywords you may make as many URL you want. products medicine ayurveda medicine supplements
whatever keyword suits your business...

for second question....Fro SEO side it is necessary to have same keyword(which tells about your business in first visiting)..because it helps to find your business fast.
Jan 24, 2013
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Hi Nitin,

your first question is'nt clear bcz i thought that you asking about keyword containing URL but i am not sure can you make it clear.
search engine at first give the priority of keyword containing domain after that another factor has to come but this is not necessary.You can optimize any domain name that may contain keyword or may not
Jan 24, 2013