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K.E.I. Calculation

I tried to find K.E.I. for keyword "clinical trials"

85,800,000 this is the competition.

I searched in and got Search Volume: 823,000/mo (only for uS and country specific I am able to get, can you help me in getting for the world)

so (85,800,000 * 85,800,000)/27433 = 2.6835E 11 (excel calculation)

so can I take this as 2.6 as the keyword index value and grade excellent.
Asked by Muthu Krish | Sep 6, 2013 |  Reply now
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HI Muthu,

According to your data

monthly search(MS)=823,000 Daily search=(823,000/30)=27433

(27433*27433)/85,800,000 = 8.77(KEI)
Sep 11, 2013