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Import of package

Sir plz help me with this error

package package2;

public class Name {

public static int age;
public static String name;
public static void display (int a, String my_name) {
age = a;
name = my_name;
System.out.println ("My age is: " age);
System.out.println ("Car Name is : " name);

import package1.package2.Name;

public class Name {

public static void main (String[] args)

Name.display (19, "Akshay fadte");

when i compile i get

D:\Java Project Modules\package1>javac error: package package1.package2 does not exist
import package1.package2.Name;
^ error: cannot find symbol
Name.display (19, "Akshay fadte");
symbol: method display(int,String)
location: class Name
Plz help me

Asked by Akshay Arun Fadte | Jan 9, 2014 |  Reply now
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It has shared on your mail.

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Jan 12, 2014