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Difference between HttpServlet and GenericServlet?
Asked by Vasudha Hegde | Jul 19, 2010 |  Reply now
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Signature: public abstract class GenericServlet extends java.lang.Object implements Servlet, ServletConfig,

* GenericServlet defines a generic, protocol-independent servlet.
* GenericServlet gives a blueprint and makes writing servlet easier.
* GenericServlet provides simple versions of the lifecycle methods init and destroy and of the methods in the ServletConfig interface.
* GenericServlet implements the log method, declared in the ServletContext interface.
* To write a generic servlet, it is sufficient to override the abstract service method.

Signature: public abstract class HttpServlet extends GenericServlet implements

* HttpServlet defines a HTTP protocol specific servlet.
* HttpServlet gives a blueprint for Http servlet and makes writing them easier.
* HttpServlet extends the GenericServlet and hence inherits the properties GenericServlet.
Dec 24, 2010
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GenericServlet is an abstract class which is protocol independent mean we can use GenericServlet to handle HTTP requests,ftp requestes etc.. HttpServlet is protocol specific it is intended to handle HTTPRequests only.
Jul 25, 2010
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Befor InClusion

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<Input Type="TextBox" Name="User"
<Jsp:include page="TEST2.jsp"/>

After Inclusion

String user=request.getParameter("User");
out.println("Welcome To Java"+user);


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Jul 19, 2010