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Help regarding the third assignment

Hey guys,

So I'm a quite new and not very good at programming.

The third assignment requires me to create a report about keyword density using the Seaquake tool.

What is this tool and where can i find it?
How to use it?

Also... I am to prepare an SEO sheet.

What must be included in this SEO sheet?

Please help me ASAP... don't have many days to complete this assignment, and don't really understand it as it wasn't covered in the notes or the video tutorials...


Asked by Sabari Nathan Rajamoorthy | Jan 30, 2013 |  Reply now
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Hi, did u generate the report and could you please update howu did it please
Dec 21, 2013
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K thank you very much!
Jan 31, 2013
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Hi Sabari,
you can take more knowledge regarding Seaquake tool visit under SEO sheet you should mentions url recommendations,page title,page description,H1,H2,H3,Bold tag for specific page.
Jan 31, 2013