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First Assignement

hello all.I dint understand the first assignment. can you guys give me an example
Asked by ankit maheshwary | Jul 22, 2013 |  Reply now
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Hi, I agree with Navin. To give little more clarity on for example if you want report on audience target of E-learning solution website, then just understand about different learning programs they serve and get target audience from it eg., Clinical Data Management course audience target will be life science, pharma students, and statisticians etc.,
Aug 23, 2013
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Hi Anit,

Navin is correct. You just have to select a website and the age, sex, geographic location, income range or any other relevant information that might be beneficial to understand our customer base.
Aug 7, 2013
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Hi Ankit,

First assignment is based on target audience Target audience are defined by demographics such as age, groups, nationalities or specific interest in website.Selecting correct target audience forms the base of your SEO strategy.

suppose for example you select one website now you need to analysis on this site like which kind of users are coming,which kind of news are mostly viewed,in which country mostly users are coming to site so you can mention these point.

Aug 5, 2013