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Explain different layers in the OSI model.

Explain different layers in the OSI model.
Asked by AISHWARYA SRIKANTHAN | Aug 5, 2010 |  Reply now
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Application Layer:

* Closest to the end user
* Interact directly with the software application.

Presentation Layer:

* Translates application to network format, and vice versa
* Works to transform data into the form that the application layer can accept
* Formats and encrypts data to be sent across a network

Session Layer

* Controls the connections between computers
* Establishes, manages and terminates the connections between the local and remote application.
* Provides full-duplex, half-duplex, or simplex operation
* Establishes checkpointing, adjournment, termination, and restart procedures

Transport Layer:

* Provides transparent transfer of data between end users
* Providing reliable data transfer services to the upper layers
* Controls the reliability of a given link through flow control, segmentation / desegmentation, and error control.

Network Layer

* Provides the functional and procedural means of transferring variable length data sequences from a source to a destination via one or more networks
* Performs networkrouting functions
* Performs fragmentation and reassembly, and report delivery error
Data Link Layer

* Provides the functional and procedural means to transfer data between network entities
* Detects and corrects errors that occur in the Physical Layer.

Physical Layer:

* Defines the electrical and physical specifications for devices.

Aug 5, 2010