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2nd Assignment of Section-4, Variables chapter is not understood

Section 4 - Basics Of Java Language
Chapter- Variables
The question is :
Que-2. In the above programme try using the keywords listed above and note down and analyse the behavior of your programme during its compilation.

-which keywords to use?
-how to analyse behaviour?
Asked by Sunny Jha | Nov 22, 2014 |  Reply now
Replies (2)
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Interface, char, float is still understood however what about switch, abstract, enum? The uses of these are still not discussed. Even for obtaining error at least we should know where to place it. How can it be done?
Sep 12, 2015
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Here you have to take the variable names as keywords such as interface, switch,char,float etc.. If you will use this what type of errors will come, you can identify and mention.
Nov 23, 2014