Usha Vakil
By Usha Vakil - President and Board Member, Saheli
Most South Asians living in the United States wish to give back to the country which has given them extraordinary...  more>>
Rekha 	Bajaria
By Rekha Bajaria - President, SAHARA
At SAHARA’s (South Asian Helpline And Referral Agency’s) annual fundraiser in September 2013, a...  more>>
Ron Victor
By Ron Victor - President, Vibha
Help Them Grow, Inc, also known as Vibha, is a very unique organization. Vibha is an Indian word that loosely translates...  more>>
Prem Kumar
By Prem Kumar - Founder, Indian American Education Foundation
The Indian American Education Foundation (IAEF), a not-for-profit, tax exempt organization, was created (May 2000 in...  more>>
Dr. Amita N. Vyas
By Dr. Amita N. Vyas - Founder & Chair, Global India Fund
Global India Fund (GIF)’s mission is to support innovative non-profit organizations committed to improving health...  more>>
Radhakrishnan Sundar
By Radhakrishnan Sundar - Board Member, Sankara Eye Care Institutions
India is home to quarter of the world’s blind population - over 12 million are blind and more than 45 million are...  more>>
Shefali Sunderlal
By Shefali Sunderlal - President, CRY America
‘There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children,’ said...  more>>