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Monday, December 05, 2016
Top News
The Indian Embassy here and its five consulates in the U.S. will hold an open house every fortnight starting from January to address the grievances of people.
Intel India announced the top 10 finalists of the "Intel and DST-Innovate for Digital India Challenge 2.0" -- a nationwide competition inviting technology solutions.
Scientists at Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur have unlocked the secret to ramp up yields of biofuel sourced from commonly found aquatic weeds such as water hyacinths.
Leading commodity bourse NCDEX switched over to a new trading and surveillance system called 'NextGen' for its futures and forward segments.'
Nominations open for siliconindia's "Most promising Youth under 20"
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has met a top Indian-American real estate executive amid reports of him joining the new administration.
Indian-Americans in the U.S. has hailed President-elect Donald Trump for nominating Nikki Haley as U.S. envoy to the United Nations.
Gadget Guide
According to the latest report by the market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), the use of 4G smartphones will notice a staggering 21.3 pct.
Finnish company HMD Global on announced that it would bring a new generation of mobiles to consumers, with the first smartphone product set to be launched in the first half of 2017.
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Indian mining giant Adani's plan to build one of the world's largest coal mines in Australia got a major boost as it secured the final approval for a permanent rail line.
India will play a critical role in Nokia's "next phase of journey" as the iconic brand re-enters the fiercely competitive global smartphone market.
Cubbon Park is a landmark 'lung' area of the Bangalore city, located within the heart of city in the Central Area. Originally created in 1870, when Major General Richard Sankey was the then British Chief Engineer of Mysore state, it covered an area of 100 acres.
Bangalore has become a trek hub in the recent times with many trekking clubs coming up in Bangalore in recent times. At the same time, weekend gateways from Bangalore has also seen a rise in the list.
Enterprise IT
Informatica, the world's leading independent software provider, announces expansion of its India Centre of Innovation, research and development (R&D) facility in Bangalore.
WittyFeed, an Indore-based startup that has marked itself on the World Map with the loudest buzz. Today they are named world's second largest content company.
Startup City
With new startups sprouting every day, one is spoilt for choices to choose the right one to pamper the taste buds.
With India witnessing immense startup growth, the Silicon Valley has invited a group of top 30 Indian startups providing Software as a Service (SaaS) products.
Best of Business Blogs
The most striking feature of online advertisement is its quick processing. The respective information can be put into promotion as needed devoid of the restrictions of landscapes and time.
Impel CRM customers now have a simple way of ensuring compliance. Mobile numbers registered on the TRAI's NCPR portal are now identified with a crossed-out red mobile icon in Impel CRM.
Many strategies exist in pursuit of the "perfect" IT solution, especially when it can enhance or improve a business opportunity.
Microsoft Dynamics provides business solutions for all aspects of an organization's needs.
Most Read Jokes
This Memo is to announce the development of a new software system which will be Year 2000 compliant.: known as "Millennia Year Application Software System" (MYASS).
What did Commander Data say after he was turned on, the first time? "12 lakh thousand Terra byte Positron memory ready." After a short while. 640K Base Memory.
In the face of growing demand for SUVs, french major Renault is betting big on multipurpose vehicles (MPVs) and will soon launch a new variant of Lodgy Stepway, focusing on the fleet segment.
The board of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd (M&M) decided to take over the two-wheeler business of Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd - a step-down subsidiary.

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