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Friday, February 15, 2013
Top News
There are leadership challenges faced by the Indian higher education system and it is seen that the sector is facing lack of capable leaders.
The U.S. is looking for business opportunities in Visakhapatnam, the second biggest city in Andhra Pradesh, especially in the port sector.
Startup City
A survey conducted by EnY reveals that over 50 pct of entrepreneurs world wide would scale up their workforce.
Seedfund invests in Chumbak, however the quantitative details of the funding is yet to be disclosed by both parties.
Hire IT professional on Feb 28, at Santa Clara at High tech Job Fair
India-born celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander, locked up in California for raping and sexually assaulting models has pleaded guilty.
Bera has expressed his support on Obama's plan to restore an economy that works for middle class families by investing in infrastructure, innovation, and education.
Here is a list of top websites that are hosting malware, which shockingly contains popular sites like Google and Dropbox.
The world has so long been shifting to Smartphones and like many other services, media contents are also streamlining themselves to reach consumers through these mobile devices.
Few of the businessmen who have gained fame and wealth around the globe belong to this land and undoubtedly made all Indians proud.
An Indian information technology company will train 1,500 computer aided designs and drafting (CADD) engineers in Nigeria annually.
Read to know how Pravin Kothari, the man behind CipherCloud maintains the company's Numero Uno spot in the security industry.
Persistent Systems is a heavyweight in software dev and technology services focused on cloud computing,collaboration and mobility.
Enterprise IT
Amazon has asked the Indian govt to relax its laws on online retail which does not allow Amazon's Indian subsidiary to sell directly to its customers.
Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma hopes the US proposal to end the tax incentives will not impact the two nations.
Real Estate City
The financial capital has become unaffordable for many. Day by day property prices are heading north.
Before making any realty investment, home buyers should know the fair valuation of the property they are interested to buy.
CXO Insights
The Great Indian Testing Dream
Pradeep C - CEO, Edista Testing Institute
Software Testing sure does present a great opportunity for growth for major Indian IT Service Providers.
The Power Of Whole Brain Thinking
Prashad Deshpande - Director, Empowered Learning Systems
The first step to make a shift in our mindset is to understand how we think and our dominant preferences.
"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." And it's true! The world is abundant with beauties of nature. Earth has many wonders from enormous forests to palm fringed islands.
India is a storehouse of challenges and surprises for nature lovers; it maybe a walk amidst the valleys or hills, or experiencing the chill weather.
Best of Technology Blogs
Skype is a godsend when we wish to keep in touch with long distance friends and family
When it comes to a service that is deliverable with minimum needs of resources, everybody knows that its cloud computing.
QA Digest
The integration of Reqtify Management Tool with VectorCAST enables organizations manage their requirement engineering process.
The utility performs static analysis of a source code to reveal coding errors, programmer's mistakes and fragments of code.
Most Read Jokes
A Teenage Girl Was Chatting On Facebook Stranger Hey Pretty Could You Give Me Your Mail..
A doctor is standing in the hall of a hospital talking with a colleague when suddenly one..
Patient I get so nervous and frightened during driving tests Doctor Never mind you'll pass..
Humor of the Day
A lady to doctor: My husband has the habit of talking in sleep! What should i give him..
A New Born Baby Ask To Nurse: Can I Use Your Mobile Phone Nurse Why Baby Actually I Want..
A Bright Future Can Give You Many Beautiful Girls But A Beautiful Girl Cannot Give..

Life & Style
Americans living at higher altitudes were more likely to be slimmer than those in low-lying areas.
With only around 3,000 maxillofacial surgeons in India and rising incidence of oral cancer, there is need for more such medical specialists both in urban and rural areas, experts said.

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