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Thursday, January 03, 2013
Top News
As the repercussions of the gang rape and death of the Delhi girl, the country has sparked off a debate over the treatment of women.
India seems skeptical at achieving the UN Goals for hunger, poverty and infant mortality by 2015.
Startup City
These 6 hot Indian startups have revolutionized the online travel planning making life simpler for all busy people in the country.
Mumbai based startup that enables customers to store, share, and print their digital photos has received 8 Crores as term loan.
Jobs in US and India. siliconindia job fair on Jan 31st.
Thomas Abraham, an Indian-American scientist says that diaspora can play an important role in promotion of science and technology in the country.
A woman in Andhra Pradesh has written to the ministry of external affairs for help in tracing her scientist son in the U.S. who has not contacted her for nine years.
Microsoft, whose two year long efforts on urging antitrust regulators to crack down on arch rival Google seemed futile as the company emerged unscratched from antitrust probe.
After the inflicting defeat in the Smartphone market by Android, Apple now seems to be eaten up in and out by Google.
The Sensex, which started the New Year on a strong note, is likely to touch an all-time high of 21,700 by this year-end, says a research report by HSBC.
The year 2012 didn't seem to be soothing for many big business entrepreneurs, but here are few who are supposed to be in headlines this year.
Read on to know how Sajan Pillai, CEO, UST Global, paved his own way to success by opting for a road that is less travelled.
November ends your wait for si100-2012, the list for the companies in various verticals creating history in the market. Click to read more.
Enterprise IT
If you are about to say that you are still on the time track to achieve your goals, then its time to set some strong new year resolutions.
2012 is certainly a year where the enterprise arena went from being a sluggish platform into a fast paced, extreme, innovative plinth.
Real Estate City
The higher volumes of supply and absorption in real estate segment are better in cities with good level of job opportunities.
When buying a plot, you need to consider certain things, like hiring an architect, getting approvals and also dealing with contractors.
CXO Insights
The Great Indian Testing Dream
Pradeep C - CEO, Edista Testing Institute
Software Testing sure does present a great opportunity for growth for major Indian IT Service Providers.
The Power Of Whole Brain Thinking
Prashad Deshpande - Director, Empowered Learning Systems
The first step to make a shift in our mindset is to understand how we think and our dominant preferences.
India is a living example of geographical kaleidoscope and has many attractive places to visit in New Year. It's time for adventurous travelers to pack their bag and unleash their travelling spirit.
What are the top hotspot destinations that are searched right now? If you are curious to know about the top searched travel hotspots on Google, read more.
Best of New India Blogs
Following a gang rape incident in Capital City, citizens have taken to streets protesting against the lack of protection to women.
Tight rope walking is a phenomenally challenging task that few of us are capable of.
QA Digest
Over the past few years, Cloud has evolved as a buzz word in most of the IT industries. Take a look some of the issues and challenges of cloud testing.
To be a leader in the mobile app market, there is a need to produce quality applications. Here is an infographic which highlights the top 12 application testing tools.
Most Read Jokes
Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and I noticed a distinct slowdown..
Lalu applied for the post of a detective in Patna In the interview he was asked..
Judge Why do you want divorce Man She doesn't satisfy me on bed Judge Is it true madam..
Humor of the Day
WIFE: Wht would u do if I died? Wud u gt married again. Husband N0 why not Don't..
After landing my new job as a receptionist in a mighty super market I lasted less than a day..
What Did Clinton say when he accused of copying his homework frm his girl friend Oxford..

Life & Style
The central government will allow overseas Indian doctors to practice in the country without undergoing screening tests.
"It is not easy for a foreign talent to make a mark easily in this industry with the growing competition everyday but if someone has the right attitude and potential, it will take you places."

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