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Friday, December 28, 2012
Top News
As this year comes to an end, we can take a peek at some of the notable achievements made by Indian Americans.
President Pranab Mukherjee has urged Indian universities to offer quality education that meets international benchmark.
Startup City
These startups have grown significantly in 2012 and have inspiring stories that entrepreneurs can derive from them.
To impress a Venture Capitalist is definitely a task and these tips can help you accomplish that mighty mission.
Jobs in US and India. siliconindia job fair on Jan 31st.
Sanjay Amin, an Indian American IT professional has been appointed as the new president of the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA).
There were numerous controversies and saddening incidents in the Indian American community, which became the hottest topic of discussion.
Smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and HTC are frightened with the news on Google building an ultimate Android - the X Phone.
This year has been a high octane ride for the tech companies. There were many high profile releases, be it the products or services.
The 2012 has been action-packed in the world of business which had all the elements to make a blockbuster.
India was the flavour of the year across South East Asia,as businesses in the region realised enormous potential
Read on to know how Sajan Pillai, CEO, UST Global, paved his own way to success by opting for a road that is less travelled.
November ends your wait for si100-2012, the list for the companies in various verticals creating history in the market. Click to read more.
Enterprise IT
The year 2012 has certainly been a prolific year for enterprise and cloud computing with a humungous raise in production and revenue.
At present, once called power-house data center server makers like Dell, HP and IBM have lost their significance.
Real Estate City
Are you planning to buy a house this New Year? Then why not to opt for some unique floating houses.
While property consultants and developers are hoping for the market to pick up its growth in 2013, everyone is doubtful on a rebound.
CXO Insights
The Great Indian Testing Dream
Pradeep C - CEO, Edista Testing Institute
Software Testing sure does present a great opportunity for growth for major Indian IT Service Providers.
The Power Of Whole Brain Thinking
Prashad Deshpande - Director, Empowered Learning Systems
The first step to make a shift in our mindset is to understand how we think and our dominant preferences.
What are the top hotspot destinations that are searched right now? If you are curious to know about the top searched travel hotspots on Google, read more.
India is the land of many attractions that not only attracts Indians but have the capacity to attract many of the overseas visitors towards the country.
Best of Technology Blogs
Mobile applications and wireless technologies are changing at a very drastic rate such that organizations should plan and adopt them well ahead of time.
Mobile web development is an important concept that can be influential in the success of your online business.
QA Digest
Testers are now viewed as someone who can instill some confidence into the minds of the users. Take a look at some of the skills that every software tester should have.
As an enterprise class load testing solution, AgileLoad features advanced functions like automatic modeling, real time data correlation, anomaly diagnostic and recommendations.
Most Read Jokes
An angry wife to her husband on phone.Wife Where the hell are you Husband Honey..
Neighbor You always stealing our fruits Im gonna tell your Dad Where is he Kid Over..
Sardar to his servant Go and water the plants Servant It's already raining Sardar..
Humor of the Day
A man receives a phone call from his doctor The doctor says, I have some good news and..
Once Sardar brought some tablets and started cutting the edges Do you know why..
Sardar to his servant Go and water the plants Servant It's already raining Sardar..

Life & Style
Britain's popular reality cookery show "Come Dine With Me" is making its way to Indian TV screens soon.
New Year celebrations are marked by parties, fun and games, but there are some who will celebrate it differently this year-end in the city.

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