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Monday, April 23, 2012
Top News
Vikram Pandit, the Indian American CEO of Citigroup and its directors have been sued by Stanley Moskal, a shareholder of the bank.
With less than three months before President Pratibha Patil demits office, a host of possible successors have now surfaced.
Startup City
One does not need to spend an arm or a leg or make a next Avatar to market his brand. Read to know.
Cisco Systems has invested $100 million in Prem Jain founded Insieme, a networking startup. Read to know about it.
The speech by Indian-American governor for Louisiana, Bobby Jindal turned out to be the most attractive part at the New York Republican state dinner held recently.
A 24-year-old Indian student, who was found dead near the Boston University campus, was not a victim of hate crime and his killing appears to be an isolated incident.
2012 has brought with it a number of questions; including whether Google would be abandoning Android, and report states that the OS is facing much heat this summer.
With ever-changing preferences of users and consumers, it's difficult game of chess for tech giants to take a side between Native Apps or Web Based Apps.
TCS is likely to report self-effacing growth in its rupee denominated revenue for the March 2012 quarter bearing in mind the absence of depreciating trend in the rupee during the quarter.
The Harvard Business School has produced many talented people and today they have made a niche in the society.
With a focus on reverse innovation, Dinesh Paliwal, CEO, Harman International turned the company's fortunes and position in market. Read to know more..
2009 founded is a leader in Indian e-commerce space, thanks to process oriented and customer centric approach.
Enterprise IT
Day in and day out we are facing data breaches. Security of data is not only necessary of the hour but a serious hitch that needs a concrete fix.
Just two years after the CEB predictions, it seems like the transformations in IT are occurring even faster than expected.
Real Estate City
There are emotions attached when buying a home and every buyer tends to commit an emotional mistake while buying a home.
Considering the retirement savings option, investing on property can be smart move to keep the income open even after retirement.
CXO Insights
Make Your Product Secure Before You Release Or Deploy It
Isaac Sundarajan - President and CEO, GDA Technologies
Lots of money has been spent on to avoid some of the known problems and make the product secure after the product is released or deployed.
It is a myth that entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial skills are limited to those people starting companies.
India is a land of enormous internal diversity. On your journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the cultures and things you encounter are lot more diverse and complicated.
Kodaikanal is a charming hill station, which stands amidst sylvan beauty on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills near Madurai in Tamil Nadu.
Blogs: Editor's Choice
B2B portal is definitely a market program to improve ultimate productivity. Today, Business to business portals is not just a fantasy system. It's an unconditional necessity for numerous organizations of any kind or..
A Positive attitude is better than an apple a day. The more positive and upbeat you are, the longer you'll live and the better your chances for recovery. Having a positive, healthy attitude is often easier said..
QA Times
This article talks about the need for effective test data, re-using test data over time ensuring they have not been corrupted and boundary values to ensure they adequately test the application.
When we are planning to implement automation testing, always a simple question raises in everyones mind is why, how and when to implement automation, in testing.
Most Read Jokes
Mrs. Williams: Ok kids let's play soccer. SMACK! Anna: OW! Mrs. Williams: What happened Anna? Anna: Andy punched me!
A one dollar bill met a twenty dollar bill and said, "Hey, where've you been? I haven't seen you around here much." The twenty answered..
A Jewish man lives into a Catholic neighbourhood. Every Friday The Catholics are driven crazy because, while they're morosely eating fish..
Humor of the Day
A family was having dinner and the little boy said,"Dad I don't like the holes in the cheese!" Well son, eat the cheese and leave the..
A Texan farmer goes to Australia for a vacation. There he meets an Aussie farmer and gets talking. The Aussie shows off his..
Two guys are out hunting deer... The first guy says, "Did you see that?...pointing to the sky." "No," the second guy says..

Life & Style
In today's materialistic world, how far can things get expensive? Consider a watch or even a cell phone.
American billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been diagnosed with stage I prostate cancer, the CNN reported.

Book of the Day
The Ramayana is the oldest poem in Sanskrit.Hence its author is known as the Adi Kavi or pristine Poet.
What makes India a nation? What has held its many disparate societies with their diverse, sometimes conflicting...
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