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Friday, April 13, 2012
Top News
The Congress government has comprehended that they need a rejig to find a different leader, but who would that be is the question of the hour?
Bollywood star SRK enthralled the students of Yale University as he came to the Ivy League institution as a Chubb Fellow, one of its top honours.
Startup City
Read to know about some startups that are still bootstrapped and are very successful ventures.
Do you have the intelligence, the vision, the skills and the perseverance to take an idea or concept and develop it to the point?
6 Reason to buy Sterling holidays vacation plan
U.S. authorities have charged an Indian American and two companies he controls for allegedly running a scheme to collect "phantom" payday loan debts.
Indian students from various universities in U.S. will receive Goldwater scholarships which will help them pursue their careers in diverse fields.
From charity, heading organizations, managing their professional lives to running homes, wives of our tech CEOs have shown their prowess in everything that they have taken up.
Some of the simple, uncluttered ideas originated from certain brains that went on to make it big in the world of technology.
The Infosys reported net profit of Rs.2,316 crore for the fourth quarter (January-March) of fiscal 2011-12, registering 27.4 percent year-on-year (YoY) growth, but 2.4 percent lower sequentially.
Infosys brought in Indian workers illegally to U.S. and often abused business visa rules requiring foreign workers to be paid U.S. market rate, a former company insider has alleged.
With a focus on reverse innovation, Dinesh Paliwal, CEO, Harman International turned the company's fortunes and position in market. Read to know more..
2009 founded is a leader in Indian e-commerce space, thanks to process oriented and customer centric approach.
Enterprise IT
Benefiting around 45,000 students in the northeastern region, the cabinet Thursday approved a 388.68 crore project to train the youth in ICET.
'Competent ERP is the spinal column of any successful Company'. Although all said and done, to arrive at a proficient ERP there are lot of stumbling blocks.
Real Estate City
The residential real estate sector has made a new record with 33, 000 per square feet for an apartment sale at Kingfisher Towers.
The initial investment on property could be huge, but it's all worth it, as the return on investment is equally good.
CXO Insights
Information Technology A Part Of Our House Hold
R Subramaniam - VP & Managing Director, Yodlee Infotech
Inventory management, and other such applications on a batch processing mode. Read to know about it.
Maintaining The IT Momentum
Stephen J Felice - Senior VP and President, Asia-Pacific, Dell
The more IT became capable of doing, the more people began expecting and demanding from it. Read to know.
The bright and colourful flowers gives pleasure to our eyes and hearts; the lovely sound of birds and the fresh breeze creates an everlasting impression.
One of the most remarkable features of the Khasi Hills are the sacred forests, which have been preserved by traditional religious sanction, since the ancient days.
Blogs: Editor's Choice
The Business to business market place is a term not known only to those who are in no business! Because it is a costly affair to remain unaware of such a profitable avenue.
One would guess that the big Yahoo layoff-reorganization includes a culling of some the company's weaker properties - and yes, we are..
QA Times
In a big city lived Joe, a typical urban yuppie. He was always focused on a great tomorrow. He worked very hard, partied furiously and lived a fast life.
Software testing in itself is a horizontal with its fundamentals, approaches, methodology and best practices that can be leveraged across domains.
Most Read Jokes
Did you know that only 30% of us can flare our nostrils. 21% of us don't make our bed daily. 5% of us never do. Men do 29% of laundry each week.
A man finally goes with his wife to church, after promising her for weeks that he'd go. Surprisingly, the man was so impressed with the preacher's..
While on a state visit to England, George Bush meets the queen and proclaims, "As I'm the president of America, I'm thinking of changing how..
Humor of the Day
Gas prices are so high that when this college girl pulled into a gas station and asked for 2 dollar's worth, the attendant..
There was a competition between a team of blondes and a team of brunettes to see who could catch the most fish ice fishing..
A man arrives home from work at the usual time of 5 p.m. His wife immediately begins yelling at him for no reason. After two hours of her..

Life & Style
Former beauty queen Sushmita says anyone who can do such a hideous thing should be punished.
The Tamil superstar has entered this new field to raise funds for social causes he is associated with.

Book of the Day
The Ramayana is the oldest poem in Sanskrit.Hence its author is known as the Adi Kavi or pristine Poet.
What makes India a nation? What has held its many disparate societies with their diverse, sometimes conflicting...
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