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Monday, March 26, 2012
Top News
The low income youth takes up mobile internet, viewed not as a resource to be acted upon but one with consequences for everyday behaviors.
The government ordered a CBI inquiry into the allegation made by Army Chief Gen V K Singh that he was offered a Rs.14 crore bribe by a lobbyist.
Startup City
Is office politics good or bad for a startup and how to handle it. Read to know about it.
Read to know about the first of its kind of event where in the Angel Investors and VCs will be pitching entrepreneurs.
Contact Singapore is hiring IT professionals in CA
Chintan, an outstanding Indian NGO was recognized with the first innovation award for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.
The US is set to launch an online portal that will help U.S. Indians to safely donate funds to non-government bodies back home.
Here are some tech entrepreneurs who have everything you could be looking for- they are filthy rich, smoking hot and are eligible bachelors.
Companies with most patents are expected to be most successful nowadays. Here are the leading technology inventors last year.
Certain businesses have the potential of not only expanding at a tremendous pace but also eliminating competition. The world of business has witnessed many such endeavours flourish at a rapid pace.
Are you busy planning your wedding these days? Lavish parties, designer outfits and receptions can cost the earth, if they're not planned well.
Founded in 2006 by V.A Venkatesh Babu, California headquartered Tiara Consulting, is disrupting the traditional partner/vendor model and going a mile ahead to enable a client's business in a 360 degree view.
When Shibulal spoke to CEOs of several global companies, he saw a dichotomy. Read to know more..
Enterprise IT
Convincing bosses is quite a task, especially when it comes to financial matters. The scene is no different in case of IT managers who have to get their CIOs OK.
While interest around data center services (DCS) is extremely high, the market structure, dynamics and maturity differ across the world, according to Gartner.
Real Estate City
Home buyers are in buoyant mood as Karnataka state budget has reduced stamp duty on sale deeds by 5 percent from 6 percent,while, the registration charges remains the same by 1 percent.
Mumbai real estate developers are now focusing on "by-invitation projects" concept, which is to develop projects for a selected group of people.
CXO Insights
Integrate Globally, Innovate Locally The Thought Ecosystem
Raghu Panicker - Sales Director, Mentor Graphics
The business mantra in today's semicon world is to 'Innovate locally and Integrate Globally. Read to know.
Heradling A New Era Of Network Infrastructure
Balaji Prabhakar - Associate Professor, Stanford University
The need for more efficient and reliable communication spurred the innovation of the network. Read to know.
All Top notch restaurants are known to have proficient crafted cocktails, white-glove services and fine-dining, but what when all these are offered while revolving?
Imagine Opening your eyes in the morning to behold an amazing sunrise along with pleasant breeze to rejuvenate your mind and body on the deck.
Blogs: Editor's Choice
This letter is regards with the article you written in the Mumbai Mirror 7th March 2012. I was filled with remorse after the reading what you had to say, not for the beggar..
Don’t have a plan how you are going to create and market your business. You have a good education, successful job history and decent relationships with clients..
QA Times
"If we would only develop software with care, we wouldn't need testing at all". This statement has made people to think about testing.
The testers learn the testing practices by experience and here are Top 20 practical software testing tips a tester should read before testing any application.
Most Read Jokes
Checking out of the grocery store, I noticed that the bag boy was eyeing my two adopted children curiously..
Little Johnny watched, fascinated, as his mother smoothed cold cream on her face. 'Why do you do that, mommy?'..
Bob had this problem of getting up late in the morning and was always late for work.
Humor of the Day
A guy goes into a restaurant and asks for a menu, but the waiter tells him, "We don't have menus here..
The local bar was so sure that its bartender was the strongest man around that they offered a standing $1000 bet..
A carnival truck and a revival preacher's truck collide head-on, and everyone is killed. The next thing anyone knows, Saint Peter..

Life & Style
Saif Ali Khan's home production "Agent Vinod" has earned 10 crore on the first day, and is the actor's biggest solo opening so far.
Meditation does make the brain smarter, allowing it to process information faster and improve decision making.

Book of the Day
The Ramayana is the oldest poem in Sanskrit.Hence its author is known as the Adi Kavi or pristine Poet.
What makes India a nation? What has held its many disparate societies with their diverse, sometimes conflicting...
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