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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Top News
A Russian court dismissed a petition seeking a ban on a translated version of Bhagavad Gita for being "extremist".
Union Budget have something in store for every individual. Qualified foreign investors are now permitted in Indian corporate debt market.
Startup City
Few entrepreneurs share their view about how they try to infuse the traits in their professional life to succeed in their goals.
Read to know about the secret sauce to the success in any startup by Anita Dharamshahi, Co-founder of
LSI is Hiring for India Operations in California
U.S. announced Indians who are renewing their visas, valid or expired, within 4 years, are likely to get waiver for a personal interview.
Indian and American officials are slated to discuss aligning visa policies and children's issues between the two countries during the second US-India Consular Dialogue to be held in New Delhi
Chinese writers are targeting Apple's App Store, saying it is infringing on their copyrights by offering pirated e-book versions of their work.
The amalgamation of PC group and printing unit, should it occur, would probably be the first foremost and significant change within the company since Meg Whitman took over.
Today these CEOs might be known for earning millions from their business, but very few of us know that these business ideas are based on their childhood experiences.
The term 'Currency' brings U.S. dollar before one's eyes, because the U.S. dollar rules world trade and so it is always in limelight.
Founded in 2006 by V.A Venkatesh Babu, California headquartered Tiara Consulting, is disrupting the traditional partner/vendor model and going a mile ahead to enable a client's business in a 360 degree view.
When Shibulal spoke to CEOs of several global companies, he saw a dichotomy. Read to know more..
Enterprise IT
Out of 300 data centers surveyed in the IBM study, conducted by IDC, only 1 in 5 are operating efficiently.
There is intense competition in the cloud business and Amazon has emerged as the champion in the cloud computing world.
Real Estate City
The increasing number of senior citizens in India has lead to the huge scope for investment and development in this particular sector.
Some of the localities are incredibly expensive, and buying a residential property in such localities only remains a dream for many.
CXO Insights
Innovation Opportunities in Enterprise Software
Nimish Mehta - CEO of LumenData
Read to explore the critical enabling systems that will power the next wave of innovation in Enterprise Software.
Union Of Two Hot Technologies In The Offing
Sameer Dholakia - CEO, VMLogix
The majority of CIOs who were earlier skeptical spectators have now become active adopters for server virtualization.
India is a land of spectacular beauty. A visitor on Indian land can experience the bit of everything since India is known for its diversity.
Have you ever wondered where the richest people stay on their visit to America and how it would be to stay in a suite charging nearly 18 lakhs for one single night?
Blogs: Editor's Choice
Most of banks have adopted Core Banking solution (CBS) technology and are now using system to recognize Non Performing Assets, stressed assets, toxic assets, bad assets, and restructured assets.
In today's dynamic world everyone wants that all the information and need to be fulfilled on a way. Internet has given the opportunity to everyone and their dreams come true with a single click on..
QA Times
One classic hiring mistake is using testing as a transitional job for new programmers which is not uncommon. Here are the tips to avoid wrong hires.
There is a very thin line between severity and priority. A tester must know which bug is severe and which to be handled with priority. Here are tips to help you differentiate between severity and priority.
Most Read Jokes
Two electricians were working on a high voltage line. The one standing on the pole tells the other worker: "Grab that wire on the left, please!"
One day a government worker was digging through his office drawers when suddenly he came upon a magic lamp. (Oh, c'mon, I'm sure there's..
My daughter who was about five years of age was having trouble understanding what marriage was all about. I got out the wedding..
Humor of the Day
An Antartican was in the therapist office: Dr. Hieden: Why are you here? Antartican: I tried to commit suicide by taking 1,000 aspirins!!!!
A young executive is leaving the office late one night when he finds the CEO standing over the shredder with a piece of paper in his hand.
Two men go into a pub, order their drinks and sit down. Then they each take out some sandwiches and start to eat them. The barman shouts..

Life & Style
Newly married and with a great job, life had just begun for 30-year-old Anshul Sharma when it suddenly hit the pause button. He was diagnosed with leukaemia, a type of blood cancer.
The Norway child custody case involving an NRI couple which has already sparked off a diplomatic row has taken a curious turn.

Book of the Day
The Ramayana is the oldest poem in Sanskrit.Hence its author is known as the Adi Kavi or pristine Poet.
What makes India a nation? What has held its many disparate societies with their diverse, sometimes conflicting...
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