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Monday, April 30, 2012
Attend India's largest Expo on Cloud Computing - Cloud Connect Bengaluru
Gadget Guide
When phones have the midas touch of designers, they become exclusive, classy and a style statement and cost a fortune.
Apple is all set to warm up the spirits of developers and showcase new key products and services to developers like iPhone 5 and iOS6.
Startup City
The life of the average modern man, dotted with close commitments, had but little space to accommodate all that he desired.
Freshdesk, an online help desk software solution, rasied $5 million in financing in series B. Read to know more about it.
6 Reason to buy Sterling holidays vacation plan
The first annual US-India Business West Coast Summit attended by top business leaders has highlighted dynamic potential that exists in present and future collaboration.
The talks are expected to impart a renewed momentum to burgeoning multi-faceted ties and explore ways to start civil nuclear cooperation between the two countries
Real Estate City
A Delhi consumer forum has ordered a realtor to pay Rs 9.27 lakh to a couple, saying it cheated them by taking the booking amount for a flat but did not even begin the construction despite considerable lapse of time
Realty company Avalon Group will invest about Rs 400 crore over the next three years to develop four housing projects in North India.
Humor of the Day
An airliner was having engine trouble, and the pilot instructed the cabin crew to have the passengers take their seats and get prepared for an..
Two Christians were lost in the Sahara desert. One is David, the other is Michael. They were dying of hunger and thirst when they suddenly came..
*Where do Indian batsmen perform their best? -In Advertisements. *When would Agarkar have 100 runs against his name? -When he..
We all admire a number of tech companies that have made it big, and the tech icons behind them. The technologies they invented help make our lives all easier.
Adding to the common man's ordeal about internet insecurity, CISPA would enable Federal agencies and Internet Companies to share all sort of information about any user
Personal Finance
Overseas investors turned bearish in April and pulled out Rs 777 crore amid S&P lowering India's credit outlook to negative from stable.
Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is set to put in place a new and detailed mechanism for its consent procedure- an out-of-court-like settlement through which it settles cases of suspected irregularities by listed companies and various market entities.
Have you ever thought about how do you spend your time at the workplace? Do you think the time you are spending on is helping your career growth?
Recruiters are busy people as they are always flooded with stacks of resumes on their desk. So your resume's top third part should be super catchy, especially if you are applying for an executive position.
Excellent opening for SQA Engineer, SQA Architect and many more
Training & Courses
Lithan Genovate SAP Academy offers you comprehensive training in SAP solutions and best business practices that can lead to certification as an SAP consultant with ASSURED PLACEMENT.
Training in areas of “Project and Program management, high end certifications like “Project Management Professional – PMP(R),
2009 founded is a leader in Indian e-commerce space, thanks to process oriented and customer centric approach.
With a focus on reverse innovation, Dinesh Paliwal, CEO, Harman International turned the company's fortunes and position in market.
What if not IIM's
Blogs: Editor's Choice
We have people who did not find a job for a decade after graduation. We even have many who crossed sixty years of age and yet repent there was none who recognized their talent and put them on the right desk.
Your Subconscious Mind is incredible in the way it processes information. Did you know, that you are constantly receiving 2,000,000 Bits of information through your senses, every Second.
Life & Style
Women have been increasingly contributing to the innovations happening globally which has helped wipe away the gender discrimination.
After teaming up in movies like "Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman", "Darr", and "Yes Boss" ,popular onscreen duo Shah Rukh and Juhi would soon recreate their magic in a TV ad.
Independent villas at Rs. 20 lakhs, Near Greenfield Airport, Chennai

QA Times
A project is like a large container of apples having rotten ones among them but hidden well in between the good ones; if it is not QCed well.
A distributed team (also known as a geographically dispersed team) is a group of individuals who work across time, space and organizational boundaries.

Enterprise IT
After Blackberry handset makers Research in Motion set up server in India, it may be time for other big players like Facebook and Google to take a call on the same.
Big data and marketing go hand in hand and companies are learning to turn big data into dollars. The question that arises here is that how are they doing it?

For most of us, vacations are a time to rest and relax while for others they're a chance to see some sights and experience interesting cultures around the world.
India Shelters some of the most exotic travel destinations. While you're out exploring the sights, sounds and smells of Incredible India, don't miss out on these 5 exquisite natural wonders of India.

US Indian
A U.S.lawmaker has asked Hillary Clinton, to reconsider the government's decision against issuing a diplomatic visa to Modi, drawing strong reactions from the Indian American Muslim community.
Around 13 percent of the world's adults or over 640 million people would like to emigrate with roughly 150 million, including ten million Indians wishing to settle in America.
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