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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
6 Reason to buy Sterling holidays vacation plan
Gadget Guide
Tech-world is producing many eco-friendly products which consumes less power and reduce pollution. Have a look these top go-green gadgets.
The University of Texas has come up a chip that could give smartphones the ability to see through walls, clothes and to have X-ray vision.
Startup City
Blue Digital Media, a digital marketing company commences the incubation centre for new startup to nurture the young talent.
DoubleDutch that makes mobile, cloud-based, geosocial applications for events and enterprises workgroups has raised $2 million.
Independent villas at Rs. 20 lakhs, Near Greenfield Airport, Chennai
Tata Consultancy Services, the India's largest technology outsourcing services announced its Q4FY12 results. The company's estimated net profit for the fourth quarter of the year from January-March is 1.6 percent to 2932 crore.
The Supreme Court refused to grant 400 days to the government to complete the process of fresh auctioning of the 2G spectrum licences but extended the deadline for it from June 2 to August 31, 2012.
Real Estate City
Considering the retirement savings option, investing on property can be smart move to keep the income open even after retirement.
There are emotions attached when buying a home and every buyer tends to commit an emotional mistake while buying a home.
Humor of the Day
Ever notice that the laws of household physics are every bit as real as every other law in the universe? Here are a few examples..
These are from actual resumes: "Personal: I'm married with 9 children. I don't require prescription drugs." "I am extremely loyal to my present firm..
Have you ever wondered what would be in "Titanic" if the same was made in "Bollywood"? The name of the movie would be "Goa to Bombay"..
2012 has brought with it a number of questions; including whether Google would be abandoning Android, and report states that the OS is facing much heat this summer.
With ever-changing preferences of users and consumers, it's difficult game of chess for tech giants to take a side between Native Apps or Web Based Apps.
Personal Finance
The decision of various banks to slash Basis Points (BPs) by 25 is seen as a welcome step by most people.
Everything in life is pestering these days, even the health insurance policies, especially when it is cashless insurance.
Most of the careerists probably want to know the CEOs that influenced the world. Some of them are quite familiar to you but few may not be.
Have you ever wondered that how your colleague got promoted in a higher position? If yes, then you should definitely read it.
Excellent Jobs for Software Developers with Extreme Networks
Training & Courses
Lithan Genovate SAP Academy offers you comprehensive training in SAP solutions and best business practices that can lead to certification as an SAP consultant with ASSURED PLACEMENT.
InnovationM School of Android offers Android Corporate Training to various mobile product development & services companies & conducts specialized training classes for individuals who want to build a career in Android.
2009 founded is a leader in Indian e-commerce space, thanks to process oriented and customer centric approach.
With a focus on reverse innovation, Dinesh Paliwal, CEO, Harman International turned the company's fortunes and position in market.
What if not IIM's
Blogs: Editor's Choice
Adults living in industrialized countries spend more than 300 hours per year watching news on television, listening to commentators on the radio, and reading newspapers.
Social engineering is on the rise today and no company or organization is immune to this very real threat. While most people are aware of this problem, not many are aware of how to handle this..
Life & Style
In today's materialistic world, how far can things get expensive? Consider a watch or even a cell phone.
American billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been diagnosed with stage I prostate cancer, the CNN reported.

QA Times
Software Test Engineer needs a proper vision to successfully test a piece and here are set of principles & guidelines to evaluate software quality.
A good quality of a tester is to approach things with negative attitude from end user perspectives which will help them to locate the error.

Enterprise IT
"The Future of Corporate IT" a forecast about fundamental changes in IT predicting of a series of radical shifts around IT's value, ownership, and role.
PeekTab is the world's first spy software released by Retina-X Studios who are the winners of the 2012 Gold Award for cell phone monitoring software.

Kodaikanal is a charming hill station, which stands amidst sylvan beauty on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills near Madurai in Tamil Nadu.
Have you ever wondered where the political leaders holiday and spend their time unplugged from their busy schedule?

US Indian
Vikram Pandit, the Indian American CEO of Citigroup and its directors have been sued by Stanley Moskal, a shareholder of the bank.
The speech by Indian-American governor for Louisiana, Bobby Jindal turned out to be the most attractive part at the New York Republican state dinner held recently.
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