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Thursday, April 19, 2012
6 Reason to buy Sterling holidays vacation plan
Gadget Guide
Wearable gadgets are the new trend of gadget world. These tech-accessories are changing the way we use and consume technology.
Even though Smartphones can capture good photos, but it can never be as good as camera. Here are the 10 things which make cameras better than smartphones.
Startup City
Blue Jean Network, a startup with Indian founders has developed technology to prove Cisco's much- hyped vision of video in the enterprise wrong.
Threadflip has launched securing $1.6 million seed funding from First Capital and Baseline Ventures and several others.
Independent villas at Rs. 20 lakhs, Near Greenfield Airport, Chennai
KV Kamath will be remembered in history not as the CEO, who turned ICICI bank into country's largest bank but for creating a generation of leaders for India's financial sector.
The shares of HCL Technologies gained a 5 percent rise as soon as the company announced 28 percent rise in their quarterly profit.The estimated net profit this fiscal rose from Rs.468 crore to Rs.600 crore.
Real Estate City
An island resort in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) has come up with a residential complex where people will be able to rent an apartment for three years.
The interest rate sensitive realty industry welcomed the Reserve Bank of India's decision to cut key lending rates by 50 basis points.
Humor of the Day
Movies and their meaning to s/w professionals - Sajan Chale Sasural: Computer professional coming to US. 1942 A Love Story: Sticking to one..
A woman driver is heading down the expressway, when all of a sudden the woman sees a tree to her left, a tree to her right, and a tree directly..
A CEO throwing a party takes his executives on a tour of his opulent mansion. In the back of the property, the CEO has the largest swimming..
In an age of cut-throat competition, brand identity can give companies a boost-up in terms of revenue, and customer loyalty. Here are India's most trusted technology brands.
Microsoft, after a period of silence about the Windows 8 OS, finally gave out a myriad of details on its blog post. But there is some confusion about which versions are for whom.
Personal Finance
Your financial advisor might suggest you to have an additional health plan, along with medical allowances paid by your employer.
RBI has instructed Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) not to extend their gold loan services beyond 50 percent of their financial assets.
As the accounting careers are quite in demand, you must know the best accounting companies to work for in India.
Infosys said the company is not giving any increment for its 1, 49,000 employees for the time being.
Excellent IT Jobs for Senior Techies with a Reputed Company
Training & Courses
Lithan Genovate SAP Academy offers you comprehensive training in SAP solutions and best business practices that can lead to certification as an SAP consultant with ASSURED PLACEMENT.
InnovationM School of Android offers Android Corporate Training to various mobile product development & services companies & conducts specialized training classes for individuals who want to build a career in Android.
2009 founded is a leader in Indian e-commerce space, thanks to process oriented and customer centric approach.
With a focus on reverse innovation, Dinesh Paliwal, CEO, Harman International turned the company's fortunes and position in market.
What if not IIM's
Blogs: Editor's Choice
Greedy politicians and bureaucrats fattening themselves on public money is not confined to India alone. Our bete noire, Pakistan, is no exception. The assets of its richest MP Mehboobullah Khan belonging to PPP is..
B2B refers to business to business and a portal is similar to a magazine where you get details about different services and products that are offered by different service providers.
Life & Style
Around 300 million people in the world are suffering from asthma and the figure can rise to 400 million by 2025, says the World Allergy Organisation (WAO).
Traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) also carry potentially lethal plant ingredients, allergens and traces of endangered species, according to a new research.

QA Times
Software Test Engineer needs a proper vision to successfully test a piece and here are set of principles & guidelines to evaluate software quality.
A good quality of a tester is to approach things with negative attitude from end user perspectives which will help them to locate the error.

Enterprise IT
Imagine computers are directly integrated within our bodies like a cloth or pair of glasses which will be fusing man with machine behaving like a sixth sense.
Provide security, save time, lessen complexity, easy availability and flexibility is what IT executives name as an 'ideal product'.

Kodaikanal is a charming hill station, which stands amidst sylvan beauty on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills near Madurai in Tamil Nadu.
Have you ever wondered where the political leaders holiday and spend their time unplugged from their busy schedule?

US Indian
Many Indian fashion designers have been successful in making a mark in America's fashion world; for them fashion is more about passion and dream!
Hundreds of high-end luxury items formerly belonging to Sujata Sachdeva, an Indian-American ex-top executive jailed for 11 years will be sold on April 21-22.
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