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Monday, April 02, 2012
6 Reason to buy Sterling holidays vacation plan
Gadget Guide
Check out the best online site which lets you streams your favorite Indian songs and has changed the way you access and enjoy music.
HCL infosystems launched its first Android 4.0 based tablets-MeTab U1, MyEdu Tab K12 and MyEdu Tab HE in India.
Startup City
The notion of entrepreneurship has been prevalent since the birth of the first human. Read to know more about him.
A big trend in almost every VC company in India is looking to either invest in or build an "incubator". Read to know.
Independent villas at Rs. 20 lakhs, Near Greenfield Airport, Chennai
Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said India cannot be a tax haven defending the proposed amendment of the Income Tax Act with retrospective effect.
India needs to reduce the cost of credit and address infrastructure bottlenecks to revive the growth in exports.
Real Estate City
Hyderabad is to get online property registration facility which the department of stamp and registration is planning to introduce from coming May.
According to Global Real Estate Index, the north coast of Ecuador has emerged as the winner in the list 'best places to buy real estate'.
Humor of the Day
Bill Gates dies and goes to heaven, where Saint Peter gives him a smart two-bedroom house with a pretty garden and a tennis court..
A woman went down to the Welfare Office to get aid. The office worker asked her, "How many children do you have?" "Ten," she replied..
Two brothers, Ying and Yang, wandering down a street in America with arms full of purchases and cameras swinging from their necks, one of the..
China reached a milestone as the number of mobile phone users in the country surpassed one billion, but 3G penetration rate is still low.
Chinese police arrested 1,065 suspects,deleted more than 208,000 "harmful" online messages in a massive nationwide crackdown on internet crime.
Personal Finance
With some of the key budgetary proposals coming into effect from Sunday, the tax payers will save some money on account of lower income tax liability.
Household budgets will be hit hard as the two percent increase in service tax and excise duty contained in the budget for 2012-13
More than 7,000 full-time staffs reveal that although most staffs have met the CEO of the organization many don’t even know what he/she looks like.
Have you lied on your resume? Nowadays, fudging CVs is seen globally and then what about the scenario in India?
Choose the Best Training Institute with a chocie from 5000+ Institutes
Training & Courses
Neona Embedded Labz Training division is focused on sharing competitive technical knowledge with young and dynamic students who are poised to become the innovative engineers of tomorrow.
Animation Boom is an unique animation institute which provides animation courses, multimedia course, 2d animation, 3d animation in creative arts
Innovation is a core ingredient in the success of a product development company and Texas Instruments India has successfully set up an innovative culture in the 26 years it has been here.
Founded in 2006 by V.A Venkatesh Babu, California headquartered Tiara Consulting, is disrupting the traditional partner/vendor model and going a mile ahead to enable a client's business in a 360 degree view.
What if not IIM's
Blogs: Editor's Choice
When the examination is making a rat-tat to the door of every student, there will be a frightful countenance and mind will be afflicted with all sorts of numbness, dullness and insecurity.
Blogging is relatively new to the real estate community. For this reason, blogging should be carefully thought over. Great content and effective blog tools are important for reaching the target market..
Life & Style
Schoolteachers who went through an intensive meditation programme were less edgy or stressed, and more compassionate towards others, according to a new finding.
People regularly eating chocolate tend to be thin, suggests a new study.The findings have been made from a study of nearly 1,000 people in the US that looked at diet, calorie intake and body mass index
Upgrade your skills and brand with a certification from a U.S Institute.

QA Times
Estimating the software testing services time plays an important role in any project.Here are tips to prepare a correct time of estimation for the testing cycle.
Software Test Engineer needs the proper vision to successfully test a piece and here are the set of principles and guidelines to evaluate software quality.

Enterprise IT
HP's new Application Transformation solutions helps enterprises drive an enhanced user experience by integrating mobile-based apps.
Betting big on its 'Lumia' series, Finnish handset maker Nokia is targeting sectors like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance.

There are several railway stations across the globe that has stylish, innovative and stunning architecture, which serves as a traveler's delight and provide them comfort.
Indian handicrafts speak about the rich tradition and cultures our country has. The unique art work shows the ethnicity and diversity of each state across India.

US Indian
India to take the US to the WTO disputing "discrimination" against the Indian software companies which are being asked to pay higher H1B and L1 visa fee for their employees than the American firms.
The Akshaya Patra foundation, an Indian NGO was honoured with two top awards for their excellence in reporting standards by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) Vision Awards.
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