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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
6 Reason to buy Sterling holidays vacation plan
Gadget Guide
Nokia has launched one more phone in its Asha series- the Asha 303-into the Indian market with a price tag of Rs.8,990.
Your Smartphone becomes the remote controller for Panasonic Rice Cooker when you just hover the phone above the cooker once.
Startup City
Read to know about investment trends of Mercatus Captial and how they are transforming healthcare delivery and management in Asia.
The age old problem of emails is now being finally addressed by many companies across the globe. Read to know.
Join the Leaders and experience the world class solutions - Cisco
Six years ago, the press predicted that the Indian luxury market would be booming by the end of 2011 as India accounts for only 1 percent to 2 percent of the global luxury market.
The government expects to generate Rs.500 crore from the first tranche of the Phase-III auction of FM radio frequencies, slated to be completed by the end of the year, a top official said.
Real Estate City
Those who intent to make their house look presentable and attractive before selling, there are cheaper ways also that will help to improve the value of your house.
Surprisingly, it is found that more than 4.2 lakh houses are still lying vacant in Mumbai, according to district level data from Census 2011.
Humor of the Day
A Man rushed into a doctor's office, jumped on his back, and started screaming, "One! Two! Three! Four!" "Wait a minute!" yelled the doctor..
Old Granny Parkinson had won over half a million dollars in the lottery, but as she was a frail little woman her family was concerned that the shock..
Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and George W. Bush arrive at the Pearly Gates and introduce themselves. St. Peter says, "You'll have to prove..
If you wonder whether the present could be made more futuristic than it is already, then here is a collection of the most futuristic products that are in development right now.
Apple's new iPad is a perfect blend of various parts from a number of public companies. Here are the companies that have parts in the new iPad.
Personal Finance
The most awaited budget has brought out big changes this year, but very few for the salaried professionals in terms of personal tax structure. Some of these changes are minor but quite significant.
Many billionaires have made their money in private equity business. Listed are few of those personalities.
In India, the scope for app developers is increasing immensely day by day.This profession can make you a superstar developer and can fetch you more money.
Believe in luck at the same time put more effort on what you doing so that you can get your own luck by career advancement.
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Training & Courses
InnovationM School of Android offers Android Corporate Training to various mobile product development & services companies & conducts specialized training classes for individuals who want to build a career in Android.
Workshop on SharePoint Portal(Admin) with efficient training at minimal cost. We have a potential in providing learning solutions to Corporate located across India.
Innovation is a core ingredient in the success of a product development company and Texas Instruments India has successfully set up an innovative culture in the 26 years it has been here.
Founded in 2006 by V.A Venkatesh Babu, California headquartered Tiara Consulting, is disrupting the traditional partner/vendor model and going a mile ahead to enable a client's business in a 360 degree view.
What if not IIM's
Blogs: Editor's Choice
Most of banks have adopted Core Banking solution (CBS) technology and are now using system to recognize Non Performing Assets, stressed assets, toxic assets, bad assets, and restructured assets.
In today's dynamic world everyone wants that all the information and need to be fulfilled on a way. Internet has given the opportunity to everyone and their dreams come true with a single click on..
Life & Style
Jairam Ramesh said that while only 10 percent of Indian villages have full sanitation coverage, the government is dedicated to tackling the issue with both rail and union budgets paying special attention to sanitation.
Bordered by barbed wires and huge iron gates, a dilapidated amphitheatre in old Delhi's Kabir Basti is home to over 30 mentally ill women.
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QA Times
One can know when to automate and when to manually test using common sense which has always been the general thumb rule.
Microsoft is desperately looking forward to hold the first place from the search giant as one engineering objective for IE is to be the world's fastest browser.

Enterprise IT
There is intense competition in the cloud business and Amazon has emerged as the champion in the cloud computing world
MindTree has partnered with Netbiscuits, for the development and delivery of next generation web apps across all connected and mobile devices.

There are numerous places across the globe where people embrace colour and this reflects in their architecture, which is painted in dazzling and diverse colours.
Have you ever wondered where the richest people stay on their visit to America and how it would be to stay in a suite charging nearly 18 lakhs for one single night?

US Indian
Upset over the guilty verdict in the case of former Indian American student Dharun Ravi accused of spying on his gay roommate, the community has launched an online petition to the White House.
Indian and American officials are slated to discuss aligning visa policies and children's issues between the two countries during the second US-India Consular Dialogue to be held in New Delhi on March 21.
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