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New Delhi: The Pension Parishad said that demand for universal pension was gaining support among parliamentarians and urged Rural Development...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:46 IST
Tampa: Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan has accepted the Republican vice-presidential nomination, saying time is running out to solve...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:36 IST
New Delhi: Market regulator Sebi amended its rules to allow promoters to use rights and bonus issue of shares for dilution of their stake to...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:35 IST
Bangalore: For the first time since economic reforms began two decades ago, consumption in rural India is growing faster than in urban areas, a...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:26 IST
Chennai: A real estate firm focusing on constructing dwellings for retired senior citizens in south India expects to complete Rs.500 crore worth...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:22 IST
Chandigarh: Developers in Punjab opposed the state government's move to levy social infrastructure cess on property transactions, saying it...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:18 IST
Chandigarh: Seven new residential sectors, three small commercial belts and two industrial sectors would come up at Gurgaon under a Draft...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:14 IST
New Delhi: L&T General Insurance Company (LTGI) has incurred a loss of Rs.106 crore in its first full financial year of operations in...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:12 IST
Los Angeles:  Actor Tom Cruise has set up a trust fund for his six-year-old daughter Suri, on ex-wife Katie Holmes' request....more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:06 IST
Mumbai: Reliance Capital Asset Management, a unit of Reliance Capital, launched Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in mutual funds through SMS....more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:03 IST
New Delhi: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan believes in fair education for all, be it the country's underprivileged or the women folk. The...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 18:03 IST
Washington: As Hurricane Isaac hit southeast Louisiana on the eve of the seventh anniversary of catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, the state's...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:53 IST
New Delhi: The Income Tax department has announced a mascot contest for the public that would carry a cash reward of Rs.1lakh for the winning...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:52 IST
Washington: South Carolina's Indian American Governor Nikki Haley has slammed President Barack Obama, painting his administration as an...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:49 IST
New Delhi: Internet giant Google has launched a new initiative to help businesses reach out to over 70 million mobile internet users in the...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:42 IST
Mumbai: The BSE benchmark Sensex fell by nearly 80 points in early trade on 30 August as funds and retail investors indulged in offloading...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:39 IST
London: There is no proof to show that chocolate and red wine protect the heart, even though a study has suggested that they lower cardiac risk...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:35 IST
New Delhi: Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal's comments that there was no loss in coal block allocation as there was no mining today drew severe...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:32 IST
New Delhi: The government is expecting "significant participation" from existing and new telecom operators in the spectrum auction...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:27 IST
Bangalore: Indian IT major Wipro Limited will train 120 school teachers in partnership with the University of Massachusetts in Boston, US, over the...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:25 IST
London: If you happen to be one of those who often find it difficult to fall asleep at night, the reason could be usage of cellphones or tablets...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 17:22 IST
Bangalore: The Sensex slumped for the fourth straight day shedding 141 points to close at 3-week low of 17,490.81 on selling in metal, auto and...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 02:06 IST
Bangalore: Are you planning to get married? Before you start looking forward to keep a nice reception and selecting a wedding card, there are...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 01:45 IST
New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the death sentence of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack convict Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, saying that...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 01:43 IST
Bangalore: The rich love flaunting their money. But how much can you flaunt. Well here are 30 ridiculously costly gadgets which will make...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 01:23 IST
New Delhi: Internet giant Google today launched a new initiative to help businesses reach out to over 70 million mobile Internet users in the...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 01:07 IST
Bangalore: Who are India's nicest people? Which state is home to India's friendliest? UP-ites are the nicest people in the country, says...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:57 IST
Bangalore: It is difficult to find time to engage with your colleagues at the workplace as your work will be hectic every day. So, obviously for...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:54 IST
Bangalore: Organizations are increasingly challenged by the aging workforce, falling recruitment levels and rising skills requirements. Many boards...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:53 IST
Bangalore: The dual-core fever started a year back and this new processor took the market in hands in all possible way. But with the coming...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:46 IST
Bangalore: Women are always considered as a weaker sex in our society but many have outshined others. Today women are among the most successful...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:31 IST
Bangalore: Reserve Bank of India Governor D Subbarao has said the battle against inflation has not ended yet and high prices were mostly hurting...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:25 IST
New Delhi: Raghuram G Rajan, former IMF Chief Economist, took charge as Chief Economic Adviser (CEA) in the finance ministry. "I am glad to be...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:21 IST
Washington: An ultra-fast, 320-detector computed tomography (CT) scanner can tell which people with chest pain need or do not need cardiac...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:14 IST
Bangalore: To trip is easy, to rise up and walk afresh isn’t. When we initiate our efforts in realizing our dream, chances are plenty...more>>
Thursday, 30 August 2012, 00:11 IST
Bangalore: Over the past three years, nearly 14 Pakistani spies were either imprisoned or neutralized in various parts across India, according...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:53 IST
Bangalore: With some of the biggest websites like Yahoo accepting that a lot of its passwords were compromised by cyber-criminals, hacking has...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:53 IST
Bangalore: Have you ever thought of having contacts with your ancestors? Have you dreamt of starring in a romantic novel? Do you find it...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:52 IST
Bangalore:  Indian-American scholar directed an ironic anti-Obama movie, which has become a huge success in U.S box office.The movie...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:48 IST
Bangalore: The citizens in our country are recurrently reminded of paying the taxes for the welfare of the nation. But, unfortunately, the...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:48 IST
New York: With memories of the 9/11 attacks etched in the psyche of New Yorkers, city police say they give particular attention to Urdu and...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:47 IST
Bangalore: The Apple-Samsung patent war is approaching the finish line, but the consequences for users of all smartphones may be just beginning....more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:42 IST
Mumbai: "Happiness", "prosperity" and "love" are what Bollywood celebrities like Madhuri Dixit, Prabhu Deva and...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:39 IST
Bangalore: The word ‘ultrabook’ itself specifies the uniqueness in these evolved form of laptops; they are ultra-fast, ultra-sleek...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:30 IST
Mumbai: Indian equities markets were under pressure for the fourth consecutive session with benchmark Sensex trading nearly 100 points down in...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:27 IST
New Delhi: In a major decision which will provide relief to 40 lakh people in the city, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit announced regularising of...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 23:23 IST
Stockholm: Swedish social media entrepreneur Erik Wachtmeister has announced the launch of a new social networking site targeting the "top one per...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 22:53 IST
Bangalore: Sauce Labs, the leading provider of web application testing solutions for enterprise developers, has announced the public...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 22:29 IST
Bangalore:  Everyone likes to work in the professions which give them highest amount of satisfaction as well as the high pay. So, everyone...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 22:26 IST
Bangalore: The world is witnessing one of the greatest tech-battles between Apple and Samsung. After weeks of intensive hearing which saw...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 22:24 IST
Bangalore: It is a very common assumption that testing is a transit job. The most common question: Why would anyone want to be a tester all...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 22:21 IST
Bangalore: LG has announced the next member under its L Series smartphones. Following Optimus L3, Optimus L5 and Optimus L7 LG has announced the...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 22:14 IST
Washington: As Mitt Romney officially clinched the Republican presidential nomination, the party declared India a "geopolitical ally and a...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 22:12 IST
Bangalore: Quality is paramount in any industry. The recent glitches in the financial sector reveal how defective software can ruin the...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 22:08 IST
New Delhi: The Supreme Court Wednesday upheld the death sentence of Ajmal Kasab, the only Pakistani terrorist caught alive after the 26/11...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 21:50 IST
Bangalore: Adequate organizational resources, either psychologically or materially supports the employee by inspiring in improving his levels of...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 21:37 IST
Bangalore: Human resources officials and information technology leaders differ over the measures taken for effective bringing of the next...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 21:25 IST
Bangalore: Testing is an important component in the process of software development. It ensures that the software meets the quality standards...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 21:10 IST
Bangalore: In the recent years, bugs and errors in software have become widespread and critical. This has made software testing a critical...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 20:53 IST
Bangalore: Symphony Teleca Corporation, ranks as a leading global product development company for 2012.  This global market for product...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 20:41 IST
Bangalore: In today's dynamic environment, to be a successful CFO, it is absolutely essential to have a sharp business mindset and be proactive in...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 20:24 IST
Washington: Ranjit Ricky Gill, a 25-year-old Republican Party leader of Indian origin, grabbed attention of many with an impressive speech...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 20:21 IST
New Delhi: Finance Minister P Chidambaram said that the Direct Taxes Code (DTC), initiated by him during his earlier tenure, needed a fresh...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:34 IST
Bangalore: The impact of software bugs over the past has not only been detrimental but also costs the testing industry millions. Testers work...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:34 IST
Bangalore: A study conducted by Shunra, the industry-recognized authority in network virtualization and application performance engineering,...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:31 IST
New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, H D Kumaraswamy (JD-S), Akhilesh Yadav (SP) and Navjyot Singh Sidhu (BJP) are among those who barely...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:30 IST
Bangalore: Fujitsu has launched two Ultrabooks; Lifebook U772 and Lifebook UH572. The Lifebook U772 is a 14 inch ultrabook and it weighs only...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:29 IST
New Delhi: Gold prices declined from record high to Rs.31,300 on 28th August in the bullion market in New Delhi, breaking its seven-day rising...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:29 IST
Capital market regulator SEBI is looking to bar audit firms from certifying accounts of listed companies for a certain period if accounts of...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:21 IST
New Delhi: Iron ore miner NMDC has sought shareholders' approval for amendment in its Articles of Association which will enable it to launch...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:16 IST
Mumbai: SEBI said investors will have partial flexibility in dealing with Indian Depository Receipts and can convert up to 25 percent of their...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:12 IST
Bangalore: Religare Finvest, a wholly-owned NBFC subsidiary of Religare Enterprises, said it is planning to raise up to Rs.500 crore through...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 19:07 IST
Bangalore: Sebi Chairman U K Sinha said he is hopeful of the government permitting the market regulator to access "call data records"...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 18:58 IST
New York: Reserve Bank of India Governor D Subbarao has said the battle against inflation has not ended yet and high prices were mostly hurting...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 18:19 IST
Mumbai: The BSE benchmark Sensex shed over 56 points in early trade on 29 August, declining for the fourth day in a row, on sustained selling by...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 17:59 IST
Bangalore: In the past there were leaked images of HTC’s mid range smartphone which was doing the rounds. The handset from HTC was named...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 17:58 IST
Bangalore: Cancellation of coal block allocations may not be the right step to take as it might impact business sentiment, particularly in the...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 17:43 IST
New Delhi: Personal computers sales in the country grew 17 percent during the second quarter of 2012 over the like period of the previous calendar...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 17:39 IST
New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday is likely to pronounce verdict on a petition filed by the 2008 Mumbai terror attack convict and...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 17:28 IST
Tehran: "Enough of talk, act against terror; we have given you the evidence" will be the message conveyed to Islamabad when Indian...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 17:18 IST
Canvera To Get Its Next Round Of Funding From Info Edge Bangalore : Having earlier invested in companies like Applect Learning Systems,...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 01:46 IST
Bangalore: Online Education platform, Simplilearn has received undisclosed amount of funds from Indo US Venture Partners. Based in Bangalore,...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 01:42 IST
Mumbai: A benchmark index of Indian equities markets closed 47 points lower ON 28 August, tracking weak European markets. Metal, capital goods...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 01:26 IST
Bangalore: They say “The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.” During your twenties you may not have a clear idea about...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 01:25 IST
Bangalore: If you have thought than only humans are intelligent, then pay close attention. According to a paper written by a Stanford biologist...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 01:15 IST
Bangalore: You have too many credit cards and many loans like house and car loan and your post box during the month end awaits you with a list...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 01:03 IST
Bangalore: A latest version of Java 7 is opening the gates for hackers to penetrate into computers infected by that virus. Several cyber...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 00:57 IST
Bangalore: Most tech giants and even startups in Silicon Valley promote the use of Apple devices in campus. Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 00:29 IST
Bangalore: Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) admitted it needs to improve management-worker relationship in the aftermath of violence at its Manesar plant....more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 00:23 IST
Bangalore: Have you ever sent a flirtatious SMS? 150 million Indians have sent flirtatious texts and 15 percent of the respondents admitted to...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 00:16 IST
Bangalore: Bharti Airtel, announced that it will deliver Microsoft’s cloud based Office 365 business productivity solutions to Small and...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 00:07 IST
Bangalore: In just a few days, one of the biggest tech exhibitions IFA 2012 will commence to offer a stage for tech giants to showcase their...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 00:02 IST
Bangalore: IT giants are forced to contract out work than ever before in the U.S. as it has made it difficult and costlier for the Indian...more>>
Wednesday, 29 August 2012, 00:02 IST
Bangalore: Sitting at your desk for 9 to 10 hours is really a very bad idea as it lowers your physical strength as you get addicted to sit in...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:57 IST
Bangalore: Norway is considered as the costliest nation in the world to buy diesel, according to a research compiled by Evans Halshaw....more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:56 IST
Bangalore: LG made an official announcement regarding the specifications of LG Optimus G. Optimus G will be powered by a quad core Snapdragon S...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:52 IST
Bangalore: Luxury residential project is the new buzz word in today’s real estate industry. Most of the people are making a shift from...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:42 IST
Bangalore:  Are you afraid of the boss who is terrible to tolerate? Are you quitting the job just because of him or her, as you are not in...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:42 IST
Melbourne: A contractor of Australia's supermarket chain Coles has come under fire for publishing a job advertisement, which barred Indians...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:35 IST
Bangalore: IBM is all set to strengthen its enterprise social services by acquiring Kenexa, an organization that mainly targets at developing...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:23 IST
Bangalore: The recent ‘coalgate’ debate that has been cradled by political and media people, tend to avoid the corporate players who...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:23 IST
Bangalore: You have an Android smartphone and off-course you want to make the best use of it in all possible ways. Having a smart-device means...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:15 IST
Bangalore: The 2012 London Olympics wasn’t just another Olympics where the sport was dominated by contestants from all over the world. The...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:08 IST
Washington: Trade between India and the U.S. has increased by 40 percent since the launch of India-U.S. Strategic Dialogue by the Obama...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 23:04 IST
Bangalore: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has pulled up state-owned Oil & Natural Gas (ONGC) for not placing desired emphasis on...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 22:59 IST
Bangalore: For the past few days the gadget world has been buzzing with the war between the two electronic giants. Apple is pressing for a ban...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 22:59 IST
Bangalore: Mobile applications have changed the way we communicate, from day planners to business presentations. Market research firm Gartner...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 22:40 IST
Bangalore: Most of the developments in the IT industry are kept wary from the general population. But off late the innovations in IT are...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 22:38 IST
Bangalore: The sale of weapons in both developed and developing countries nearly doubled to 8.55 billion dollars in 2011, the U.S. being the...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 22:15 IST
Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India said that it will soon launch Rs.1,000 denomination banknotes with rupee symbol, and improved security...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 22:07 IST
Bangalore: Today's Human Resource industry is a highly competitive and fragmented industry that is poised for enormous growth in the next 10 years....more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 22:02 IST
New Delhi: Lashing out at the Bharatiya Janata Party for stalling parliament, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday asked her party MPs to...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 21:42 IST
Mumbai: A benchmark index of Indian equities markets was trading 40 points lower in 28 August afternoon tradeafter heavy selling in metal,...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 21:30 IST
Bangalore: Having a large GDP per capita means a country is an important economic player and it seems that Qataris has the most as Qatar is the...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 21:22 IST
Bangalore: Almost everyone who has planned a road trip or looked for an aerial view of his/her childhood home or searched for public transit...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 20:25 IST
Bangalore: Coverity, the development testing leader, today announced that the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), builder of the Curiosity...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 20:15 IST
Bangalore: Coverity, the development testing leader, today announced that the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), builder of the Curiosity...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 20:13 IST
Chennai:  A Senior Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Official ticked off the Chairman of State Bank of India (SBI) in public, saying he should...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 20:12 IST
New Delhi: With an aim to encourage an investment culture in the country, market regulator Sebi announced no-frills or basic trading accounts...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 20:02 IST
Kolkata: The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)  said it would be first finance company to raise funds through external...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 19:51 IST
Bangalore: iBall has launched yet another Android based smartphone in India on. As a part of company’s Andi series the smartphone has been...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 19:26 IST
Bangalore: Nikon launched its first Android powered camera – Coolpix S800c in India. The company says the product will be available in the...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 19:14 IST
London: Finally the good news for Facebook users has arrived. The social networking website has decided to remove millions of embarrassing and...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 19:07 IST
Bangalore: Intex has launched their first Android smartphone in the Indian market at a price point of Rs.5,490. This dual-SIM phone is dubbed as...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 19:06 IST
Bangalore: Another three more days and the IFA will kick start in Berlin, Germany on August 31st 2012 and will carry on till September 5, 2012....more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 19:00 IST
Bangalore: A top RBI official snubbed SBI Chairman Pratip K Chaudhuri for his remarks suggesting abolition of Cash Reserve Ratio, bluntly...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 18:42 IST
Bangalore: Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 800, a revolutionary new device. The Galaxy Note...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 18:37 IST
Bangalore: “These days there is no individual, company, government or any organization that is not worried about innovation,” said...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 18:04 IST
Bangalore:  AirWatch, a provider of mobile application and content management, announced seamless integration with Apple Configurator for...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:56 IST
Tucson: The US Department of Homeland Security is testing an advanced technology whereby an "avatar" agent interviews some Mexican visitors when...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:48 IST
GANDHINAGAR: BJP veteran L K Advani today termed as "deeply disappointing" Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement on coal...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:45 IST
Bangalore: State-owned gas utility GAIL India has signed a contract with French energy giant GDF Suez to import 0.8 million tonnes of liquefied...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:44 IST
New Delhi: "The Expendables 2" served as a feast for Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger fans in India, and received a...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:42 IST
Bangalore: Finance minister P Chidambaram said the government never talked about "zero loss" in allocation of coal blocks and complained of...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:38 IST
New Delhi: The makers of Bollywood film "Heroine", starring Kareena Kapoor, moved the Delhi High Court against the information and...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:38 IST
New Delhi: Did you dream of actor Ranbir Kapoor blowing kisses at you? It can turn into reality now - virtually, at least! A new YouTube...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:34 IST
Washington: Entrepreneur Karl Mehta, the only Indian-American among 18 Presidential Innovation Fellows, would work on "The 20 percent...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:32 IST
Bangalore: Telecom major Airtel has been directed by a consumer forum here to pay Rs 6,000 to one of its subscribers for not activating her...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:29 IST
Washington: With tropical storm Isaac bearing down on his home state, Louisiana's Indian-American governor, Bobby Jindal, considered a...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:28 IST
New Delhi: Leading the counter-offensive on the coal block allocation issue, Congress President Sonia Gandhi is expected to rally the party...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:22 IST
Kolkata: Wipro Technologies will expand its campus in Kolkata, Chairman Azim Premji said Monday but refused to comment on the company's...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:21 IST
Washington: A new device that removes clots from the brain could be a game changer in the treatment of strokes, say researchers. In a...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:21 IST
New Delhi: Low-energy diets or short-spell diets which combine to less than 800 calories a day can have long term benefits, researchers said....more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:17 IST
Chennai: IT services and solutions provider HP today launched its centre of excellence in Chennai to cater to clients in the Asia Pacific Japan...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:15 IST
New Delhi: The Supreme Court Monday allowed the government to complete the 2G spectrum auction by Jan 11, 2013. The apex court said it will...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:12 IST
Bangalore: Indian IT bellwether Wipro Technologies has joined global search engine Google's cloud platform as its services partner, an...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 17:09 IST
Bangalore: In the era of multibillion dollar startups, losing a fortune neither need time nor reasons-“You get rich one day, you lose it...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 02:05 IST
Bangalore: Money is our vital need; we start our day with earning it and end our day with spending them. There are some companies which have...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 01:59 IST
Bangalore: The origins of languages such as Hindi, Russian, German and English have been traced to Anatolia, which is present-day Turkey, says a...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 01:23 IST
Melbourne: Experts have challenged the popular notion that growing dependence on spell check options available in computers is making people...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 01:21 IST
Bangalore: The effect of Samsung’s loss against Apple in the patent war has started to appear. The South Korean Smartphone maker lost $12...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 01:20 IST
New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Monday attacked the official auditor for suggesting huge presumptive losses from coal blocks allocation...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:59 IST
Kolkata: Away from the glitz and glamour of celebrations to hail the heroes of India's most successful Olympic Games are the unsung...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:46 IST
Bangalore: A person buys a phone which combines the best of look as well as performances. In 2012 there were countless smartphones vying for a...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:30 IST
Beijing: Teachers in India will now get to learn Chinese under an agreement reached between the Indian education board and China's overseas...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:28 IST
Chennai: There were over two crore vacancies across many government organisations ranging from the bank sector to the CBI, Minister of State for...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:24 IST
Bangalore: If you are a professional, getting adjusted [addicted] to one sort of work or workplace is not at all possible as you need to get...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:11 IST
Chennai: The 100th launch mission of the Indian space agency slated for Sep 9 will also showcase the cooperation between two global competitors, a...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:08 IST
Bangalore: The market sources have revealed that Hyderabad’s real estate market is witnessing a consolidation mode. Besides, the realty...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:06 IST
Bangalore: If you are a startup company, not having your intellectual property protected can be a real risky step in your business. Of course,...more>>
Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 00:01 IST
Bangalore: Each one of you would be desperate to get into a job that really pays well, as well as the job that can help you build a luxurious...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:55 IST
Chennai: Information technology has become a prerequisite component of any organization so much so that the CIO has now come to be viewed as a...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:40 IST
Bangalore: India’s leading oil and gas companies, Reliance Industries (RIL), Oil and natural Gas Corporations (ONGC) and GAIL want to buy...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:31 IST
Bangalore: Indian market is flooded with budget tablets and there is hell lot of options to pick from. Budget tablets gives you the option of...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:25 IST
Bangalore: Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook has completed 1 year into his tenure. There was a lot of distress in the tech world for Apple’s...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:24 IST
Bangalore:  Displacement is painful to anybody.People of India have been a victim of communal riots right from its independence till...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:23 IST
Bangalore: Corruption is plagued throughout our country and India has witnessed many corruption scams from Bofors Scam to Satyam to Harshad...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:23 IST
Bangalore: Under construction residential developments have become a frequent issue in real estate sector and home buyers are getting trapped...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:21 IST
Bangalore: Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal said no coal block was given away during his tenure and only allotment letters were issued to some...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:18 IST
New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said CAG's observations on coal block allocation issue were disputable and asked the opposition to debate...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:13 IST
Bangalore: IBM hosted a pre-event session before its annual three day event Innovate 2012 this month to promote the importance of governance on...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 23:01 IST
Bangalore: HP announced the launch of an HP Center of Excellence (COE) in Chennai, India to support clients globally. The HP COE will help...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 22:58 IST
New Delhi: Real estate developers expect home prices to rise by at least 25 per cent in Noida Extension as the government's approval to...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 22:56 IST
Bangalore: We have a little knowledge about the business status of the rich across the globe. Many among us, especially those who are obsessed...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 22:40 IST
Bangalore: Storage service provider, Dropbox has announced that they are all set to introduce a two-set factor authentication system for all...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 22:39 IST
New Delhi: Declaring that allegations of impropriety in coal block allocations were baseless and unsupported by facts, Prime Minister Manmohan...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 22:39 IST
Bangalore: The Linux Foundation, an organization committed in the overall growth of Linux and its operating systems, has announced that social...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 22:39 IST
Bangalore: Rupee is likely to trade in the range of 55-56 per U.S. dollar in the coming week with no visible trigger from international and...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 22:07 IST
Bangalore: The verdict in the Apple-Samsung patent trial ended up in the favour of Apple. The court has awarded Apple $1.049 billion. No doubt...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 22:03 IST
Despite the rising stress on balance sheets of domestic banks, foreign investors in recent months have been snapping up bond issues because of...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 21:57 IST
Bangalore: State Bank of India may have its branches open on Sundays to help improve efficiency, a top bank official has said....more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 21:56 IST
Bangalore: Flipkart receives funds for the fourth time by MIH, ICONIQ Capital, Tiger Global and Accel partners. The company has received funds...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 21:54 IST
Washington: Scientists have developed an ultrathin flat lens made up of silicon and gold that reproduces perfect images without the distortions...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 21:51 IST
Bangalore: Microsoft has always stood on its toes to rise above its competitors. This can be attributed to their efforts to continuously...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 21:17 IST
New Delhi: Handset maker Samsung said it expects its market share to rise to 65 percent in the Indian tablet PC market as it expands its product...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 20:32 IST
New Delhi: State-owned Central Bank of India said it will cut interest rates on housing and other loans by up to 0.5 per cent from September 1....more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 20:26 IST
Mumbai: Engineering and construction major Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is in the process of bringing in equity in its infra development arm...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 20:23 IST
Bangalore: In a major leap towards using latest technology in financial markets, market regulator SEBI plans to allow investors to make payments...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 20:23 IST
Bangalore: Suzuki Motor Chairman Osamu Suzuki said the Japanese car maker is committed to its investments in India even as he expressed concern...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 20:18 IST
Bangalore: WickedLeak as steeped into the huge screen smartphone market with their new huge 5-inch Wammy Note. The 5-inch screen has a...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 20:09 IST
Bangalore: Business sentiment in the U.S. is better than Europe on account of the dynamic nature of its economy, Infosys Executive Co-Chairman Kris...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 19:47 IST
Bangalore: Lenovo have announced the launch of their new quad-core smartphone LePhone K860. Apart from the news of launching, the company has...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 19:43 IST
New Delhi: Overseas investors have pumped in over Rs.6,700 crore in the equity market this month so far amid hopes of the government's fresh...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 19:41 IST
Bangalore: Kobian an IT peripherals company which sells mobiles phones with the brand name Mercury have launched a new 5 inch dual SIM Android...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 19:31 IST
Mumbai: Fuelled by a rally in the market value of Coal India and TCS, the combined valuation of top eight Sensex companies surged Rs.35,841...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 19:23 IST
New Delhi: Addressing questions raised over the process of selecting Rafale fighter planes, Government is going ahead with the procurement of...more>>
Monday, 27 August 2012, 19:19 IST