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Mumbai: Private sector lender Kotak Mahindra Bank today hiked its minimum rate of lending or base rate by 0.25 percent to 8.25 percent, in line...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:49 IST
New Delhi: In a personalised New Year wish to its customers, ICICI Bank's chief Chanda Kochhar today said that they would be at the centre of the...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:47 IST
Bangalore: Fast-growing industries are not short-term solutions to career dilemmas. Industries grow out of need for the products they deliver and...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:39 IST
Bangalore: Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata's dream is to see cars run on water and he has invested $15 million in a start-up firm supporting...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:15 IST
New Delhi: Worried over rising food inflation, Assocham today suggested that the government should consider early opening of retail sector for...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:13 IST
Washington: International Monetary Fund has said that the world economy is likely to see a "two-speed" recovery in 2011 with emerging markets...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:11 IST
Toronto: Denying reports that it has agreed to allow access to its encrypted corporate data to Indian authorities, BlackBerry maker Research In...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:07 IST
New Delhi: India's external debt rose to $295.8 billion by Sep 30, 2010, an increase of $33.5 billion during the first six months of current...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:04 IST
Mumbai: A benchmark index of the Indian equities market moved up 120 points Friday, the last trading day of 2010. Led by realty and banking stocks,...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:02 IST
Bangalore: Venture capitalists in the U.S. widely expect their industry to contract while those in emerging markets, including China, India and...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 01:01 IST
Bangalore: "Indian companies are now more experienced in dealing with overseas M&A transactions and are considered serious contenders for acquiring...more>>
Saturday, 01 January 2011, 00:33 IST
Bangalore: As the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake rightly said, the world has recognized that the...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 23:19 IST
Bangalore: The year 2010 can be marked as a year that outsmarted every forecast. If you look at the development of strategic technological trends...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 23:12 IST
Bangalore: 2010 had been an eventful year. Moreover, it is a year of significant importance to Indians and Indian associations in U.S. With India...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 23:06 IST
Bangalore: 2010 has been a good year for the Indian IT industry with a healthy growth. Putting behind fiscal 2009-10 as a year of downturn, when...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 22:51 IST
Bangalore: The year 2010 witnessed the launch of several hi-profile technology products that changed the way we use our gadgets. While converged...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 21:55 IST
New Delhi: The maker of the first Indian tablet, Olive is now venturing into the Android phone market space. The company is planning to come out...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 19:31 IST
Lucknow: As many as 26 child labourers were rescued from various restaurants in the city during a joint raid conducted by the Labour Department and...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:58 IST
New Delhi: With an unrelenting consumerism throwing up varied cases of machinations aimed at fleecing citizens, 2010 saw consumer courts enhancing...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:55 IST
Mumbai: The rupee gained 11 paise to Rs. 44.84 a dollar in early trade at the Interbank Foreign Exchange today. Forex dealers said that besides...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:52 IST
Mumbai: The BSE benchmark Sensex today extended its winning streak of past two sessions and opened 93 points higher on the last day of 2010, on...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:50 IST
New Delhi: A fast-growing economy fired up the real estate market after almost a year-and-a-half of property gloom, with prices touching the...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:46 IST
Washington: India is a net job creator for U.S. companies, not the other way around, NASSCOM Chief Som Mittal said, strongly refuting the public...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:38 IST
Washington: Far fewer Americans are applying for unemployment benefits as the year ends, raising hopes for a healthier job market in 2011....more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:32 IST
Kolkata: The Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) said it has received Securities and Exchange Board of India's nod to allow trading on NSE platform....more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:30 IST
New Delhi: Notwithstanding its failure to woo one lakh foreign tourists during the Commonwealth Games as targeted, 'Incredible India' attracted...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:23 IST
New Delhi: From now, technical institutes approved by AICTE have to reserve up to five percent of their seats for students from economically...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:07 IST
New Delhi: Rollout of the much-awaited 3G services is unlikely to be affected by the security issue surrounding interception of video calling,...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 18:00 IST
New Delhi: Ending the year 2010 on a high note, Sahara India has said it acquired the iconic Grosvenor House hotel in London for 470 million pounds...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:57 IST
New Delhi: It had in any case lost whatever little value it had - now the Indian government has decided to withdraw it from circulation altogether....more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:41 IST
Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress will launch its own television news channel to counter "the false propaganda" of West Bengal's ruling Communist...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:40 IST
New Delhi: The department of telecommunication (DoT) Thursday warned telecom companies and private detective agencies against unauthorized...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:38 IST
New Delhi: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs Thursday approved Rs.1,400 crore interest subsidy to augment exports of labour intensive...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:37 IST
Bangalore:The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Thursday favoured an early solution to the Iran payment crisis as it may affect Iranian crude imports to...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:36 IST
Bangalore:Concerned over the rising inflation, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Thursday hinted at taking more steps to check it. "Inflation is...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:09 IST
Dubai: Dubai will host an international print industry expo Jan 24-26 that will see participants from India, Gulf countries, Europe and the US, it...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:06 IST
New York: U.S. stock indices dipped slightly Thursday despite fewer new jobless claims and boosts in other economic data. Initial jobless claims...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 17:03 IST
Bangalore: Recovering from global tech meltdown, the resilient Indian IT industry returned to high growth during a tumultuous 2010 but is...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 15:20 IST
Bangalore: Skype may be soon banned in China, leaving it to suffer the same fate of other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 15:03 IST
Los Angeles: The signboard for Punjab Avenue, a street in California's Fresno County, has become such a favourite with thieves that officials have...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 14:04 IST
San Francisco: Skype is offering a new video calling application which will run on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The video calling works over both...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 13:54 IST
Bangalore: The tech world is holding its breath for the kinds of surprises the industry biggies would present at the Consumer Electronics Show...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 13:44 IST
Bangalore: Marketers are many a time called opportunists. They wait for their luck and hit every possible media slot in hope of striking gold. The...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 13:39 IST
New York: A Hindu priest won a suit filed at a federal court in Brooklyn after he had been forced to work for years as a virtual indentured servant...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 13:26 IST
Bangalore: 2010 was a year of slow comeback for businesses. It laid each step forward carefully, collapsing and again setting right, just like a...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 12:50 IST
Bangalore: The leading video game manufacturer Nintendo warned children under the age of six from using its portable 3D video game player which is...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 12:40 IST
Bangalore: An annoying and darned cell phone threat was identified by Lookout Mobile Security, which just raised fresh resources to boost its fight...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 12:18 IST
Bangalore: 2010 was a year which saw considerable boom in social networking activities and social media related searches. In a year when the...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 11:33 IST
Basking Ridge: Verizon has announced that the company will be unveiling its new Home Monitoring and Control Service at the International Consumer...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 11:30 IST
Bangalore: Ever since its announcement in August 2008, Android Market, the official online app store for Android devices has shown an impressive...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 11:03 IST
New Delhi: HCL Infosystems said it has signed a share purchase agreement to acquire 20 percent stake in Techmart Telecom Distribution, a...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:23 IST
New Delhi: State-run international low-cost carrier (LCC) Air India Charters Limited (AICL) Thursday said it is shifting its headquarters from...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:20 IST
New Delhi: National carrier Air India, reeling under a financial crisis with little funds for fleet expansion, will now get additional equity of...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:15 IST
New Delhi: The department of telecommunication (DoT) Thursday warned telecom companies and private detective agencies against unauthorised...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:14 IST
New Delhi: Many people in the country are likely to change their jobs in the next six months, while women are expected to be more ready to find new...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:11 IST
New Delhi: Every crisis need not necessarily have a silver lining, but based on the trend witnessed in the year 2010, it is clear such situations...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:10 IST
New Delhi: In contrast to handsome gains made in the primary market, nearly two-third of the 69 companies listed on bourses during 2010 are trading...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:08 IST
New Delhi: India's consultancy business is expected to grow at a rate of over 30 per cent annually to touch Rs 22,000 crore by next year on account...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:07 IST
New Delhi: Government today said the recent U.S. legislation imposing a two per cent tax on foreign procurement and extending the present visa fee...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:04 IST
New Delhi: More than Rs.28,000 crore was received by several non-government organisations in the country from foreign nations between 2005 and...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:02 IST
Coimbatore: India has become the second largest producer of castings, next only to China by producing 7.443 million tonnes of castings in 2009....more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 07:00 IST
New York: Japanese major Sony Corp has filed a patent-infringement complaint against rival and South Korean conglomerate LG Electronics related to...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 06:59 IST
Bangalore: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today said inflation is always concern and hinted at taking more steps to check it. "Inflation is...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 06:57 IST
Mumbai: Market regulator SEBI today allowed French institutional investor Societe Generale to issue overseas derivative instruments, revoking about...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 06:55 IST
Mumbai: The country's largest lender, State Bank of India (SBI), today said it plans to raise Rs.12,000 crore through bonds to fund its business...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 06:53 IST
Chennai:Major milestones of the Indian Space Research Organisation in 2010: January Launching sounding rockets to study annular solar...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:54 IST
New Delhi:The 28-storey brand new headquarters of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is virtually cut off from the rest of the world as it...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:53 IST
Gujarat: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi Thursday laid the foundation stone of what is touted to become the largest solar power park in Asia....more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:52 IST
Mumbai: Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company, today launched of Kotak Multi Asset Allocation Fund. The fund is an open-ended debt scheme that...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:51 IST
Mumbai: "Dabangg" Salman Khan will now send out a new message to his fans - 'Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai' - as the newly appointed brand ambassador of...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:51 IST
Andhra Pradesh:Former prime minister and Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) president H.D. Deve Gowda Thursday urged farmers to rise and revolt against the...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:50 IST
Ranchi:Allahabad Bank Thursday launched mobile bank van services in Jharkhand to target villagers. J.P. Dua, CMD of Allahabad Bank, flagged off...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:49 IST
Mumbai:The Indian equities markets benchmark indices soared to a seven-week high Thursday on continued buying support in metals, FMCG and...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:48 IST
Rajasthan:The first round of talks between the Gujjar community, agitating for the past 1 days for five percent reservation in government jobs, and...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:46 IST
Bangalore: Left the cushioned jobs for a new adventure in the corporate world. The little scraps of cash implying - Stringent budgets have left the...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 01:42 IST
Seoul: Samsung is coming up with its own media player that has the Galaxy S for inspiration of its design. The Galaxy media player is called by...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 00:52 IST
New Delhi: In contrast to handsome gains made in the primary market, nearly two-third of the 69 companies listed on bourses during 2010 are trading...more>>
Friday, 31 December 2010, 00:31 IST
Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh has bagged the top slot quietly from Kerela in sending the maximum number of people abroad for work. This clearly shows that...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 23:49 IST
Bangalore: MMTC stock was among the top gainers after the price went up nearly by 15 percent. After opening the day at Rs. 1020.50, the stock...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 23:14 IST
San Francisco: According to the ruling filed by a judge on Tuesday, SAP should pay Oracle bias interest on a recent $1.3 billion copyright...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 22:23 IST
Bangalore: From disinvestment to cementing nuclear energy pacts, 2010 saw India's power sector strengthen its foundations for the massive capacity...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 22:11 IST
Bangalore: As stated by M&A bankers including Topsy Mathew of Standard Chartered, an estimate has been made according to which Indian mergers and...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 21:58 IST
Bangalore: The Karnataka Information Commission (KIC) is taking another tech-savvy step. From the first week of 2011 Right to Information...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 20:24 IST
Bangalore: In 2010, it was all about Apple, the World Cup and toys, according to eBay, which released its top-10 list today. The Apple iPhone 4 has...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 20:04 IST
Bangalore: In order to consent to the participants in the over the counter (OTC) foreign exchange derivatives market, commodity markets and those...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 19:52 IST
San Francisco: Earlier this year, Apple's Chief Executive, Steven Jobs, had to ask the audience at his company?s developer conference to turn off...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 19:34 IST
New York: Google's supremacy on the internet search is being challenged by Facebook through its new approach to how people live, work, play and...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 19:13 IST
Bangalore: To come out with an industry for online learning programmes with a value so ambitious that it may approach $5 billion the next year is...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 18:35 IST
Bangalore: Skype has said the main cause of the recent outage was that some servers that enabled offline instant messaging were overloaded. In a...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 18:34 IST
Bangalore: Last year, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the biggest Indian firms was listed in the Limca Book of Records for the largest...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 18:32 IST
Kolkata: When Maoists derailed a train in West Bengal in May killing 148 people, the guerrillas appeared to be on the offensive. As 2010 draws to a...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 18:00 IST
Agra: The city of the Taj can look forward to a whole lot of new developments in 2011, from banning of polythene bags, a much-needed war on...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 17:56 IST
San Francisco: Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen has refiled a patent lawsuit against a host of web companies, including Google and Apple, after an...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 17:54 IST
New Delhi: As the CBI sought to close the murder case of Aarushi Talwar, the parents of the teenaged girl said they were 'broken' by the move but...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 17:51 IST
San Francisco: Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit contending that applications for its iPhone and iPad unlawfully provide unique and personal...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 17:51 IST
Kolkata: Chola MS General Insurance is eyeing a premium of Rs. 2,000 crore and a profit of Rs. 100 crore by the end of the 2013-14 fiscal, a top...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 17:50 IST
Kolkata: Kolkata Metro Railway (KMR), the country's first underground railway carrying over 4.75 lakh commuters daily, was Wednesday upgraded to an...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 17:48 IST
Ahmedabad: Janta Party leader Subramanian Swamy who has filed a private complaint against 2G spectrum allocation scam in court, today said that...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 17:41 IST
Panaji: While millions of people are hooked to social networking website for varied purpose, there is a success story brewing in the coastal...more>>
Thursday, 30 December 2010, 17:35 IST