USTR Determined to Reduce the Accelerated Tariffs in India

By siliconindia   |   Friday, 16 September 2022, 00:57 IST
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USTR Determined to Reduce the Accelerated Tariffs in India

The USTR is making feasible efforts to reduce the tariff, thus promoting a favourable outcome on US agricultural transport

FREMONT, CA: The US Trade Representative(USTR), Katherine Tai, highlighted the crucial importance the Indian market holds for American pecans in interaction with lawmakers. When the latter shared their concerns about the tariff restrictions owing to the pecan’s import in India, Ms.Tai pacified their perturbing questions by remarking on the accelerated profit of American dry fruits in the Indian market.

When addressing the chairperson of the Senate Agriculture Subcommittee on Risk Management, Commodities and Trade, Ms. Tai professed the significance the Indian market places on the monumental profit of US pecans. Furthermore, the growing middle-class scenario that prevails in India, in addition to the escalating demand for customer-oriented products, marks a significant contribution to the high market growth in India for US dry fruit.

The statement, delivered in response to the chairperson’s query, reiterates the USTR’s efforts in addressing the increased tariff rate for US pecans in India on all platforms, especially with the US-India Trade Policy Forum, the pilot mediator for both nations in the consequences of rising market access problems and agricultural issues.

Similarly, reports from the senate emphasise that the imposed tariff is incomparably high, limiting Georgia-pecan exports. Hence, the tariff, if continued to be regulated, favours the least probability of the pecan’s success and profit in the international market. With deduction in the tariff rate as the prioritised goal in the pecan industry, the Senate head and Tai, the Ambassador, are all teamed up to establish a practical success in the domain.

Tai also expressed her interest in negotiating with the Indian Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, on the pecan-tariff issue at the Trade Policy Forum, which is scheduled to take place in the upcoming months. Hence, Kai wrapped up the address on a promising note that the USTR is determined to make all possible efforts for the desired outcome that would eventually eliminate the barriers that affect US agricultural exports.