US-India Partnership: A Bond of Shared Values and Enduring Impact

By siliconindia   |   Wednesday, 11 October 2023, 01:46 IST
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US-India Partnership: A Bond of Shared Values and Enduring Impact

US Deputy Secretary of State Richard R. Verma celebrated the strong ties between the US and India, highlighting shared values and principles.

In a resounding testament to the enduring strength of the relationship between the United States and India, Richard R. Verma, the US Deputy Secretary of State and former ambassador to India, recently delivered a compelling speech. He emphasized that despite occasional challenges and differences, the partnership between the two nations remains steadfast, leaving a profound impact on the world.

Verma's remarks came during a reception at India House, the residence of the Indian Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, where the "colors of friendship" were celebrated. This event served as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, a showcase of Indian diversity, an acknowledgement of the contributions of the Indian diaspora, and a celebration of the bilateral partnership.

Key dignitaries attending the event included Neera Tanden, President Joe Biden's Chief Domestic Policy Advisor; Rahul Gupta, the White House Drug Policy Czar; Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General; Nisha Biswal, Deputy CEO of the Development Finance Corporation; and S. Panchanthan from the National Science Foundation. Eminent members of the US Congress, including Shri Thanedar, Rich McCormick, and Glenn Grothman, were also present.

Verma referred to India's External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar as the "architect" of modern US-India relations. He emphasized how Jaishankar's leadership had played a pivotal role in strengthening the partnership. In addition, Verma highlighted the connection between Mahatma Gandhi and American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, illustrating how shared values transcend borders and cultures.

Addressing concerns about recent commentary on divergences in values between India and the US, Verma underlined that the relationship is built on a foundation of shared values, including a commitment to democracy. He acknowledged that disagreements and challenges would inevitably arise but underscored that these were natural in any close friendship.

Shri Thanedar, a first-time US Congressional representative from Detroit, shared his roots in India and emphasized his role in establishing the first caucus for Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Christians in the US Congress. He emphasized a commitment to combatting hate and bigotry and applauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to the US Congress as a testament to India's global significance.

Neera Tanden, the highest-ranking Indian-American official in the Biden administration, highlighted the growing influence of the Indian diaspora in the US government. She noted that Indian-Americans now hold key positions across various departments, reinforcing their significant role in shaping policy.

Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, shared his connection to India, explaining how his family had retained Indian values, culture, and traditions even after leaving the country. He highlighted the potential for a strong India-US partnership in the domain of healthcare, including mental health.