US Congratulates India For Its Excellent Leadership of G20

By siliconindia   |   Wednesday, 08 March 2023, 19:38 IST
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US Congratulates India For Its Excellent Leadership of G20

The US State Department spokesperson congratulated India on its vicious leadership in the G20 summit, rooting for further developments in India that can progress in 2023.                     

The US State Department spokesperson, Edward Price, expressed content of the US state over India’s role in leading the G20 summit. Mr. Ned Price mentioned that India is all set for a promising start with its stewardship of the G20, annotating India’s development.

Mr. Price, in his press conference briefing, expressed the gratefulness of the United Nations towards Indian partners, per their leadership pattern in G20, noting furthermore achievements that India is aiming to achieve in 2023. The subject and strengthening the partnership between India and US was a critical discussion between Secretary Mr.Antony Blinken and his counterpart Foreign Secretary Mr.S Jaishakar.

Mr. Price referred to the India-US partnership to be one of the most consequential relationships, where this established synergy could critically address the priority of both nations to mutual prosperity, support democracy, address the climate crises, and uphold the rules-based order in international law. This rules-based order is highly crucial to the United States and India concerning the Indo-Pacific context, enabling the building and preserving of a free and open horizon in the region.  

The role of India in hosting the G20 Foreign Ministers and hosting the Finance Ministers, creating an agenda to tackle the key issues in the global strategic partnership between the nations were critically addressed in the meeting held between Mr. Blinken and Mr. Jaishankar. The G20 presidency is critically important to both India and the US, owing to its ability to bring countries together for global action.

The G20 foreign ministers meeting implied the success of G20 and India, in addition to showcasing the synergy between the two nations to provide a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive environment in the global economy, delivering potential needs globally be they food, energy, or health. The established partnership has also managed to confront the challenges and threats from narcotics, changing climate, and the pandemic scenario.

Mr. Price commemorated India for its ability to deal with challenges with moral clarity, aiming to abolish the political conflicts pertaining globally.