Mr. Arun Venkataraman Appointed to the Biden Administration

By siliconindia   |   Wednesday, 21 September 2022, 00:31 IST
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Mr. Arun Venkataraman Appointed to the Biden Administration

President Joe Biden’s administration appointed another Indian-American minister in the commerce department

Indian-Americans succeeding in U.S. ministry affairs is reaching paramount in recent times. Another milestone in this achievement is Mr. Arun Venkataraman, who was recently appointed as the Assistant Commerce Secretary for International Markets and Director of the U.S. and Foreign Commerce Division of the International Trade Administration. He willlead a team of 1,400 employees from nearly 106 offices all across the United States and 78 international markets. His leadership is anticipated to contribute 95 percent to the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 97 percent of U.S. trade for an augmented rise in the U.S. market.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, stated that the department is looking forward to effectively collaborate with Mr. Arun as his expert advice on trade law and policy would favor U.S. businesses and workers to emerge as robust forces in the future. His professionalism and leadership skills in both the public and private sectors of American affairs in tackling potential challenges have been an inspiration to several industry leaders and government officials.

President Joe Biden has inclined to the appointment of Mr. Arun, with the U.S. Senate releasing a confirmation statement on April 7. As presumed, he will usher in federal efforts for an escalation in foreign exports and attract foreign investment. Thus, he, along with his associates, emphasized export promotion, trade diplomacy, and direct foreign investment are guaranteed in the marketing strategies. Likewise, the Secretary of Trade expressed her elatedness at Mr. Arun’s appointment as he had adviced corporations, international organizations, and the US government on international trade affairs for almost two decades. Moreover, he holds years of excellence in his former positions as an advisor to the Commerce Secretary, the Department of Trade, and various other economic matters.

While working as a senior director at Visa, Venkataraman also pioneered several ground-breaking ideas on global government engagement strategies in areas such as the digital economy, trade, taxes, and sanctions. When addressing the media, Mr. Arun stated his fascination with the first-hand values that American businesses and workers hold due to which America is excelling as a forefront of innovation with its expertise, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit in delivering products, services, and creative solutions. He thanked President Biden and the Chief Secretary of Commerce for their trust in him to make effective establishments in the commerce sector.