India-US Collaboration to Catalyze AI Development

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 29 August 2023, 02:08 IST
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India-US Collaboration to Catalyze AI Development

India and the US are aiming to collaborate to develop and regulate AI.

The Indian digital economy is outgrowing on an increased scale, alongside its strengthening partnerships with the United States to offer valuable opportunities for both nations. The Chamber of Commerce’s 48th annual India Ideas Summit, held on June 12-13, 2023, highlighted the framework and collaboration required to advance and regulate emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

India and the US have outgrown as the prominent digital economies in the world, and the combination of the nations’ resources and populations helps in expanding AI capabilities seamlessly, inconsiderate of differences in privacy laws.

The rise of techno-nationalism has prompted the duo to enforce data privacy and digital sovereignty regulations, requiring technology and data to remain within their borders. Hence, businesses in both countries ought to acquire a distinct understanding that creating silos of data and technology raises complexities. Various industry frontiers highlight the key challenges that India may face when partnering with conflicting nations. Breaking these silos and fostering cross-border cooperation, particularly with the U.S., is crucial for advancing the technology space.

Growth in technology potentially relies on having the workforce trained and readily available for help, while almost half of the population in India and the US remain under-utilized. Leadership roles and wealth creation are often concentrated upon manpower, and a void space for women to assign these lead roles can be witnessed.

Almost 50 percent of the global population is women, where only 10 percent of them can be noted on the tech scale. It underlines the need to bring more women in and ensure the right representation at the higher layers.

India contains the largest young workforce, a relatively untapped market in the emerging technology sector. Empowering them for AI utilization will boost economic participation and fulfill the workforce needs of U.S. companies. The perspective on cybersecurity concerns also needs a multi-dimensional change, as businesses and individuals have begun viewing it as cyber-resilience. The approach is all about anticipation, the ability to protect, withstand, and recover from cyber-related events. Training more of the workforce on AI capabilities, breaking data silos, and cooperating ensures an effective utilization of AI.