Indian Diaspora an Emerging Force in Canada

By siliconindia   |   Friday, 04 November 2022, 01:30 IST
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Indian Diaspora an Emerging Force in Canada

Recent findings highlight that people of Indian origin are a rising force across different domains, including education, high-tech, and politics in Canada.

India is on the rise across Canada in education, high-tech, and politics, and people of Indian ancestry significantly influence politics in Canada. They are among the strongest ethnic groups in Canada. Moreover, a recent study highlights that people of Indian origin are almost four times more likely to own a home than the average Canadian.

In Canada, India is the top source of immigrants, accounting for 30 percent of all newcomers in the past few years. In Canada, there are approximately 1.4 million people with Indian ancestors, the majority of whom are immigrants and account for four percent of the population. Although many are already moving to US high-tech, the impact of people of Indian background on Canadian business is growing intensely. The tech sector in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver is expanding on the workforce strength, where many are foreign-born.

Canada also accepted more than twelve thousand people from India last year as new immigrants, many of whom are programmers. Educational achievement in Canada is also noticeable. A recent study found that 50 percent of South Asian Canadians, mostly from India, had bachelor’s degrees or more. Along with this, the wages also reflect education levels. A consumer survey highlighted that South Asians, a solid majority of whom are from India, receive a significantly higher income than the average Canadian.

One of the most intriguing factors about the rise of Indians in other countries is their oversized effect on politics. Examples are evident from many prominent political scenarios, such as the United States and the UK. A similar movement is happening in Canadian politics. The Indo-Canadian population, like the Indo-American population, leans towards the liberal left. More than 38 percent of respondents to a poll would vote for the liberals—double the number that planned to go with the conservatives.

Furthermore, one in five backed the left-wing New Democratic Party, the country’s third-largest party, led for five years by Indo-Canadian Jagmeet Singh. More than 12 percent of cabinet ministers in the liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are also Indo-Canadians, including Harjit Sajjan and Anita Anand. Moreover, at least 14 liberal MPs are Indo-Canadian. This influential list goes on in politics, business, and education.