Indian Americans Protested at Pakistan Consulate to Stop global Terrorism Sponsored by Pakistan

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 28 February 2019, 05:24 Hrs
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Indian Americans Protested at Pakistan Consulate to Stop global Terrorism Sponsored by Pakistan

Over 600 people from the Indian American community protested against Pakistan outside Pakistan Consulate, New York for its cross border terrorism.  People from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delware who were from different organizations, seniors and professionals, students from universities have joined to express their pain for the families of soldiers who lost their lives.

The people gathered at Pakistan Consulate raised slogans about all major terrorist attacks originating from Pakistan such as Mumbai 26/11 attacks, Pulwama and URI attacks, 2001 Indian Parliament attack, 9/11 US attacks, Kabul US Embassy attacks, London bus and subway bombings, Germany embassy attack among the many terrorist attacks that were nurtured, protected and funded by Pakistani establishment. Protestors demanded that Pakistan must take credible and visible action the attackers and dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism from Pakistan’s soil, end its support and sanctuary to all terrorist groups operating from its soil.

Indian Americans also urged the world community to sanction Pakistan’s army generals and ISI leadership, freeze their assets around the world and declare Pakistan as a Global Terrorist State. These people must be brought to justice for abetting the terrorist activities around the globe. Also, some of the protestors attempted to submit a memorandum to Pakistan Consulate, but they refused to take it.

Statistics say that, 47,000 people lost their lives due to Pakistan supported insurgency in Kashmir, India. Also, Pakistan establishment is enriching itself, Pakistan people are also paying enormous price to the policies of supporting terrorists.  Indian leaders have reached out to Pakistan for peace many times, but Pakistan answered with terror attacks every time. Similarly, United States has lost thousands of army personnel in Afghanistan, India and the US are the biggest victims of the proxy war perpetrated by Pakistan’s army and its intelligence wing ISI with its duplicity of seeking financial aid to curtail terrorist activities which is largely siphoned off by military establishment and at the same time stoking it and sponsoring it with active support.

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