Indian American Impact Attempts to Establish Unbiased and Just Political Governance for All

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 02 August 2022, 19:39 IST
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Indian American Impact Attempts to Establish Unbiased and Just Political Governance for All

The Indian American Impact aims at reducing this bias and endorsing the most qualified candidates to succeed in the political arena.

Indian American citizens have begun to hold high esteem in American politics and public life. In order to ensure that every Indian American and South Asian is heard of and represented by the US government in all streams, the organisation, Indian American Impact, was formed. Though they hold crucial responsibilities in business, medicine, and several other essential fields, South Asians often feel neglected or not considered by the republican system. This has led the second generation of Indian Americans to construct the new USA on their own for their valuable representation. Hence, Neil Makhija, the executive director of American Indian Impact, has circled the striking increase in Indian American candidates, which will grow steadfast in the upcoming years as they will establish their administrations at all levels of government.

Indian American candidates contesting in elections at the state, local, and federal levels acquire abundant support from this impact. One epitome is Aruna Miller, who has won the primary nominations of the Democratic party for the position of lieutenant governor of Maryland along with Wes Moore for the position governor. Her victory in the election would create a remarkable history as the first Indian woman lieutenant governor of the state. Thus, Makhija adds that the impact plans to endorse the South Asian candidates who will likely participate in the upcoming elections in America.

It is important that no community member feels deserted in their community. Candidates supported by the impact meet challenges such as facing the political moment head-on, gun reforms, reproductive rights and supporting working families. In compliance with the state’s contribution sales, financial support is rendered to the contesting candidates. To increase account recognition and campaigns, the impact plans to unite the endorsed candidates with their national network of supporters and partners. As supporters of candidates majorly depend on the resources that campaigns hold, strategic voter engagement support is offered. Makhija mentions that the endorsement is negotiable to pupils who value the impact’s mission and motto and, thereby, join hands to build an unbiased and just world in the representation system of America.

M.R. Rangasami, founder and chairperson of Indiaspora, a non-profit organisation of high-profile Indian Americans, asserted their active participation in helping Indian American candidates enter political arenas. Despite their inability to raise sufficient funds, they managed to contribute a significant amount to help the candidates with their campaigns.

Thus, the Indian American Impact joins hands with the contesting election candidates and helps in establishing unbiased and just political governance for every citizen of America.