India and US to Support Each Others Democratic Values

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 20 September 2022, 18:01 IST
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India and US to Support Each Others Democratic Values

The US and India need to support democratic values, including the international rule of law and strengthen their relationships in different areas by resolving disputes

On the occasion of the 75th Indian Independence Anniversary, US President Joe Biden described India and the US as indispensable partners. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also asserted the same opinion that the countries are natural partners as the world's two largest and oldest democracies. Leaders from both nations cited democratic values, including the rule of law, as fundamental to their foreign policies.

However, there are disparate applications of values in a few actions and decisions taken by both countries. This has raised the question of whether the US-India relationship is, in reality, based not on democratic values but realpolitik calculus. These concerns have a larger impact on US-India arms, energy, trade, and nuclear control relations. Consideration should be given to each area in conjunction with specific US measures that promote an international alliance between the US and India in support of democratic ideals.

The US should cooperate with its NATO allies and other democracies to encourage India’s continued move away from Russian arms. On the other hand, India should possess non-Russian sources of arms and armament development that are competitive with Russia in quality, quantity, and price. The U.S. needs to act quickly to meet the immediate energy requirements of India. They have the means to improve pricing effects to reduce rather than increase Indian oil and gas imports from other countries. There is a need for the US to enhance its efforts to support India in transitioning away from fossil fuels. This involves realising the potential of nuclear and renewable energy sources.

India’s economic relationship with the US is more important to India than any other. Therefore, constant measures are taken to improve the growth of the US-India trade relationship. This includes new efforts to resolve various US-India trade disputes that keep the countries from achieving their full potential.

India’s economic future lies more with the US than any other democracy, and US sourcing from India as a friend of democratic principles is far more acceptable than sourcing from other nations. The US also needs more effort to work with India on international infrastructure to counter the attractiveness of initiatives like the international north-south corridor. As both countries support peace and wage war, the US and India should be worldwide allies in promoting greater peace and stability based upon democratic values.