India and US to Conduct Yudh Abhyas in Alaska Next Month

By siliconindia   |   Saturday, 12 August 2023, 02:15 IST
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India and US to Conduct Yudh Abhyas in Alaska Next Month

India and the US will hold the Yudh Abhyas exercise in Alaska to enhance high-altitude emergency operations.

India and the US have planned to conduct the bilateral army exercise in Alaska in the upcoming month, with an aim to launch swift and coordinated operations in high-altitude areas regarding emergencies like natural calamities. Referred to as Yudh Abhyas, the exercise will be held in the second week of September.

The defense and security establishment states that nearly 150 Infantry regiments are anticipated to participate in the drill practice, representing the Indian side. The exercise will follow a UN mandate, focussing on humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR) and anti-terrorist operations. Troops from both countries will practice launching swift and coordinated relief efforts.

The annual exercise is conducted on an alternative note between India and the US, with the previous editions taking place in India and the other in the USA. This drill practice comes soon after the Malabar exercise, which will take place between 11-22nd August among the Quad nations, India, US, Japan, and Australia. As a naval drill among the Quad countries, the practice aims at enhancing interoperability among the four navies.

The Yudh Abhyas exercise is planned soon after PM Modi’s official state visit to the US in June, meeting President Biden with a primary agenda to deepen strategic technology collaborations among both nations, especially in the defense and technology arena. Prior to the PM's state visit, the US American defense secretary Lloyd Austin met with Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh, discussing a roadmap in Defense Industrial Cooperation. In recent times, India has drawn nearer to the Western nations, particularly the US, aiming to enhance its armed forces capabilities seamlessly.