India Files Complaint over H-1B Visa Rejections

India Files Complaint over H-1B Visa Rejections

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 29 March 2012, 10:22 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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Bangalore: Rejection of H-1B visas to Indian tech pros has been rising over the last few years, which has compelled India to file a complaint against this injustice.

Anand Sharma, commerce and industry minister expresses his concerns over the issue and says that U.S is making it really difficult for foreign tech pros to get work visas in the country. He told that he discussed the matter with John Bryson U.S. Commerce secretary, during bilateral talks in New Delhi

"There have been concerns over the high rate of rejections," said Sharma, reports Times of India. "We had a very frank discussion, including some of the issues on which the U.S. has concerns."

"It's clear that if American and Indian businesses work together, we can build India's infrastructure in a way that bring inclusive growth, greater prosperity, and job creation in both countries," said Bryson.

Earlier, the Indian industry as well as the IT companies based in U.S., who employ people from India, has raised voice against the injustice done to Indians, but the U.S. authorities denied it. This problem was raised previous year at the CII meetings held at the White House, U.S. state department and on the Capitol Hill, which is home to the U.S. federal legislature.

Rate of visa rejection for India till 2008 was 2.8 percent, which was the same as those of countries such as China, Japan and Germany. In the year 2009, when Obama took charge as the president the rates changed and the previous year it shot up to 22.5 percent. Rejection rate of other countries also rose, but it stayed within 4.1 percent-5.9 percent range.


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Reader's comments(10)
1: The Visa irrespective of its type, has become a big issue before the majority of people in India. First and foremost is the Visa Fee which is taken in full advance. If you look at the percentage of Visas issued to the public in India, it is very very nominal. Millions of Rupees just goes to the coffers of countries like USA,UK - the main beneficiaries of this unearned money from the poor Indians.Because your visa fee stands forefeited in case of your visa application being rejected due to any reasons. It is not their fault because they know Indians are crazy to go out at any cost but the spineless, inefficient & unsupportive system of this country. The Political leadership is not at all concerned with this day time robbery.
The best way for visa seeker is that his visa application is scrutinised before acceptance and the fee is charged at the time of issuance of Visa as China is doing.
But who will listen to this loot ? None...because the Govt is so much drenched in corruption, nobody has time to look into this robbery.
One day people will have to take up this matter.
Posted by:ASHOK JAIN - 06 Apr, 2012
2: I think all USCIS/DOL are trying to do it to stop, fake consultancy business, which is not wrong.
Posted by:Desi ContSucks - 01 Apr, 2012
3: Nobody is taking anybody's job. Our law firm handles H1B cases. They are genuine. There is a shortage of labor in certain areas...I agree with the Indian government on this one. We are actually putting a movie (short drama) together on the matter. It will be released soon...
Shah Peerally
Posted by:Shah - 30 Mar, 2012
4: US Govt need to think on it. India is the best IT labor provider in the world.
Posted by:Neeraj Kumar - 29 Mar, 2012
5: There are too many Indians in USA, they are just trying to get rid of them. They don't want Indians to be everywhere like the Hispanics spread.
Posted by:Veeran - 29 Mar, 2012
In order for America to be it's best, we must accept at the very least , the best other countries have to offer in the way of immigrants. Being a country of immigrants, we should not close our doors to our brothers and sisters around the globe. If they can not be allowed in, more jobs will be sent over seas. Consider the company "Apple". The I-pad and I-phone are manufactured in sweat shops in China. Americans still buy them up very quickly.
Chaz Replied to: Veeran - 30 Mar, 2012
How people from Dubai, UAE, Iran, Iraq ,Pakistan get Visa so easily for USA ? Why they dont stop those ass holes ?
summary Replied to: Veeran - 30 Mar, 2012
Imagine pakistanis and srilankans taking over our jobs ... how would we react?
Nikhil Replied to: Veeran - 29 Mar, 2012
9: when will this injustice towards Indians stop?
Posted by:pranitha - 29 Mar, 2012
When will we stop cheating our way to get visas?
akumar Replied to: pranitha - 29 Mar, 2012