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An American Complains about Discrimination and Harrasment at Infosys

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 16 April 2012, 10:03 Hrs   |    33 Comments
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Bangalore: Jack B Palmer a software project manager at Infosys has been facing harassment and discrimination from his superiors and co-workers ever since he complained about visa fraud at the company. He first expressed his suspicion about some managers involved in visa fraud through internal channels at Infosys, around 17 months ago.

Palmer accused that Infosys’s brought Indian employees to U.S on B-1 visas which are short term and less costly, instead of H-1B visas.

Palmer had to face serious problems at his workplace following the complaint; he was not given any work assignments, was denied bonuses and moreover was subjected to death threats as well.

"They did the worst thing they could do to someone who is used to working 80 hours a week," Palmer said. "They sit me at home and cut me off from everything. My life is floating in Infosys purgatory." He filed a lawsuit last year asking federal prosecutors to open a criminal investigation.

Federal officials said that they are looking into the various irregularities in the hiring practices of Infosys and are also investigating whether the company employed people from India for jobs in U.S. which is not permitted under their temporary visas, B-1.

“Any allegation or assertion that there is or was a corporate policy of evading the law in conjunction with the B-1 visa programme is simply not accurate,” said Ted Bockius, an Infosys spokesman. He also said that Infosys is discussing the matter at present with the federal authorities.

Palmer is all set to sue the company, but till now he hasn’t quit his job, as he fears he won’t get another one!

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Reader's comments(33)
1: @ BalaKrishnan..FAKE NAME
Dude.. If you have some hatred/Grudge against a particular Caste FIGHT/CURSE in your native place or in your HOUSE/STREET.DO NOT SPIT your DIRTY WORDS against Brahmins in this KIND of SITES.. you never know to whom you were born -or who your original Mother/Father is. So Mind your language.
Posted by:xyz - 18 Apr, 2012
I agree your words, there should not be pointing against any individual caste / religion for any single persons behavior without knowing full details ..
rajiv Replied to: xyz - 18 Apr, 2012
3: Founder of Company was Indian and basically he is a Brahmin,
Basically if you look Brahmin are Crocket People they have the word they are created for do good things & Clean, but basically they are small heart people with Unclean habit
In India History if you look all Brahmins for their wealthy life they are the Share Holder of British
Posted by:Balakrishnan - 18 Apr, 2012
4: the bone of Contention is dollar pricing between US & India, Now the It-Companies are making big in India & want to grab as much possible from World in terms of Business. Like all other companies they do right or wrong because its Money honey
Posted by:awdhi - 18 Apr, 2012
5: Good job ,well done :-)
Posted by:mahender swapna - 17 Apr, 2012
6: Well done Palmer . At least you have thrown light on this issue . Indian employees keep their mouth shut on these activities.I won't dig it and will go deep in it. But Hats off to Palmer
Posted by:Avinash - 17 Apr, 2012
7: What about those thousands of Indians being attacked with racism and discrimination? We have gotten used to these kind of actions in American companies. e.g. Call Centers and BPOs. Its been more than 60 years that India became independent, however the fact is we are virtually independent. At workplaces, all those GORAS still dominate and make Indians slog their asses for more than 12 hours especially in BPOs and call centers.
Posted by:Dary - 17 Apr, 2012
the fact is that, Indians educated people value most to the west than their own country.

also dollar v/s rupee is a big fact.

Indian IT is nothing but Clerical jobs of world done in India online.
awdhi Replied to: Dary - 18 Apr, 2012
9: Dear Sir, its possibly in Shibu's time because during Narayan Murthy's time, he must be suppressing this news to come out. I am sure since long time Infosys has such series of malpractices. For example, other malp was they will show less engineers on billing to prove they are good company, but actually more people are working offshore to get job done fast. If they beat up Narayan Murthy and other successors, they may confess to this that it was happening during his tenure also. Thats my best guess
Posted by:Kamal - 17 Apr, 2012
10: Why this is happening during Shibu Lal's time, I have no idea. But the bigger picture is, his predecessors, NM, NN, Gopi as they are known had only Infosys and its intersts in mind, whereas Shibu Lal is involved in activities other that Infosys. One of them, is his investment in a resort which is against the very Foundation Infosys was built on, Eco friendliness, commitment to a green environment etc. He has invested millions of dollars in this specific resort which is right in the middle of a protected Forest Area and under protection by Environmentalists. It is in the prisitine Western Ghats. He, in connivance with a Union Minister have invested substantial amount of money and has gone against the basic tenets in which Infosys was established........... Obviously for an outsider it looks as if he is least interested in the affairs of Infosys.................
Posted by:nanaiah - 17 Apr, 2012
11: This kind of malpractice is known to start by Infosys and many Indian companies practice this. For short term work, they misuse B1/B2 visas. I hope US federal agency shuts down Infosys within a year to give justice to several American that have lost jobs and also punish them for excessive malpractices. I am sure with substantial force from high authorities, Fed can shut down infosys. Jack example clearly shows that if you speak truth, you are beaten up
Posted by:Tshaw - 17 Apr, 2012
US- has destroyed the world economies by different negative games in Oil, textile, steel, education.....its just boomrang of open economy which US used again & again
awdhi Replied to: Tshaw - 18 Apr, 2012
Well, I would read the last line of the article before making a blanket statement. And I would also check out the credentials for Infosys before blindly indulging in a sheep follow sheep comment philosophy.

I don't think an organisation like Infosys could afford to indulge themselves in cost-cutting measures that are illegal - what they stand to lose in terms of their operations in the US is much larger than the gains.

Secondly, I think Mr. Palmer won't come out so clean - he thinks he'll get away with the whole "I blew the whistle and was bashed" trump card but I honestly don't see much plausibility in his allegations.
Karthik Replied to: Tshaw - 17 Apr, 2012
14: you did right thing.
Posted by:sarthak - 16 Apr, 2012
15: Palmer, you have done a great job. Indian companies are not believing in values especially Infosys.

Why dont you switch to a new firm?
Posted by:Joseph - 16 Apr, 2012
Pretty simple actually - he fears he won't get a job - or perhaps he's trying to hang on for an out of court settlement, keep his steady job, have the cake and eat it too.
Karthik Replied to: Joseph - 17 Apr, 2012
17: Mr. Palmer, you have done what an Indian couldn't think of or hasn't yet grown balls to do. It is more than well known that Infosys/IBM India/CTS/Accenture cheat the USCIS by sending their employees to work over here in USA on B1 and not H1B. I have met few people who have told me so and I was surprised. Like other people I kept my mouth shut. Regarding the work hours, I feel pity for you as managers in the Indian IT sector have little or no respect for their employee's time. They make you work like a dog 10-12 hrs a day at a time. What the does the Indian worker do ? Nothing ? Because, here in India you better keep your mouth shut. If you say something you might risk getting fired ! If you sew them then the company might just pay off the baabus and screw you instead ! I am sure the US courts will serve you justice. Best of luck, I am with you !
Posted by:Chootiya - 16 Apr, 2012
18: Off course, the very Indian languages are discriminatory.
Posted by:Vedf romVictoria - 16 Apr, 2012
19: good job Palmer.. I am with you.
Posted by:another victim - 16 Apr, 2012
Palmer go and work with IBM , Accenture, principal Financial services and the like of many US firms , and see what they do with the B1- visa's
chinnu Replied to: another victim - 16 Apr, 2012
21: Oh GOD, isnt there a Parmar in TCS. TCS is the innovator of the system and the way they have kept it in the house is great. Sorry Infosys, just bad luck again.
Posted by:Adi - 16 Apr, 2012
22: Most of the Indian companies in abroad is doing the same job ,Indian Judiciary or Administration is afraid to warn or punish them ,Because of huge finance help from them ,Its shame ,In middle east ,if people are suffering at job site or office , say it must be an Indian company or Indian Administration ,The one and only life target is "make money at any way "
Posted by:Ram - 16 Apr, 2012
not only Indian companies. IBM, CSC, Accenture..are worse than indian companies
scorp Replied to: Ram - 16 Apr, 2012
You are right Ram. Blaming Indian companies will not solve this issue.
Shekhar Replied to: scorp - 17 Apr, 2012
Are kya likh raha h its Palmer dude not parmar ..he is US employee ..and which employer Infosys ..bloody hell company got only assets like huge infrastructure,play grounds in office etc etc rubbish!! make employees wear tie for 2 days like waiter !!! no quality work ..worst place to work ..only Tamil ppl enjoy Infosys!!
fckInfosys Replied to: scorp - 16 Apr, 2012
26: First beg for the job, beg for growth, beg for foreign assignment, become greedy on foreign land and become clever to be millionaire overnight! This is what Parmar has done. Parmar, can you give you total background to the readers. You have spoiled the image of your employer for short term gain and also the image of your country.
Posted by:GRK - 16 Apr, 2012
There is nothing wrong in saying what one sees.. Palmer did what many Indians did not.. In fact be thankful for him... If 5 or 6 Palmers were there, many of the Indian companies would have been in scrutiny for (1) no pay for working overtime (2) mandatory use of personal cell phones and internet connection for office works (3) threatening and intimidation with revoking work visa if you do not comply (4) meagre wages as opposed to what shown in LCA associated with H1B (5) sexual harrasment (expertise was with Infosys Phaneesh Murthy, he was planning to start Center of Excellence for the same but was offered CEO in iFlex),(6) another big misuse of L1 A for GC processing saying pan shop team leads are executives ), no pay on bench so mandatory kidnapping back to India saying we do not pay on bench and do u wnat more ... I worked in Indian services company and I know well how these folks play ... all these are not applicable to Infosys alone ... but waht hurts me most is Infosys is in the centre point of this.. had it been Wipro or Mahindra Satyam no issues it is as expected ...
chandra Replied to: GRK - 16 Apr, 2012
Your should read carefully and comprehend before commenting. Jack Palmer is a native US Citizen and is used to the way corporations work in the US.
SAI Replied to: GRK - 16 Apr, 2012
29: Great work Palmer for bringing this up.. Most of the Indian companies are into this misuse.. Instead of discussing business, aliances or conference meetings the business visa is being literally used as a substitute for L1/ H1. First issued for three months, the second issue most of the B1 gets 6 months and that too with muliple entries so that a 1 yr time period can be covered with 2 alternates. Also did u file a complaint with department of labor for working over 40 hrs without pay ?

Cheers and god bless you ... Narayana Murthy please do not spoil the name of IIT Kanpur, atleast please fire off the babus from your company..
Posted by:chandra - 16 Apr, 2012
Why bring Narayana Murthy coming into picture. He is supporting many more young entrepreneurs realize there dream start ups. Includes IITians and many more. No loose talk please against legends.
Praveen Replied to: chandra - 16 Apr, 2012
Well said Praveen. Its not Narayana Murthy for everything. He has done more than enough. Also this is 1 in 1 lakh case. Need not worry so much. Justice always prevails.
Krish Replied to: Praveen - 17 Apr, 2012
I am sorry but don't think NRN is a legend. Agreed,he built a huge company, but now his very policies are spelling the doom and spreading bad name about the company. He has not learned to adapt, instead doesn't consider employees to be the best resource of the company...
Jack Replied to: Praveen - 17 Apr, 2012
33: such a pity!
Posted by:Patricia - 16 Apr, 2012