SAN FRANCISCO: The U.S. presidential election was the most "talked about" topic on Facebook in 2016, in a y... more>>
Friday, 09 December 2016, 11:29 Hrs
NEW YORK: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is going to keep Indian American Preet Bharara in his job as a high-profi... more>>
Thursday, 01 December 2016, 11:46 Hrs
WASHINGTON: US President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday nominated a second Indian-American woman to a top ad... more>>
Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 12:41 Hrs
LANSING: President-elect Donald Trump has won Michigan's 16 electoral votes. The Board of State Can... more>>
Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 12:41 Hrs
WASHINGTON: Several Indian Americans are being considered for positions in the Trump administration as they all quali... more>>
Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 12:37 Hrs
WASHINGTON: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has met a top Indian-American real estate executive amid reports of him... more>>
Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 11:22 Hrs
WASHINGTON: Cutting across party-lines, Indian-Americans in the U.S. has hailed President-elect Donald Trump for nomi... more>>
Thursday, 24 November 2016, 11:56 Hrs
WASHINGTON: An Indian-American teenage boy has won $100,000 in a top U.S. quiz show.  Sharath Narayan, ... more>>
Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 11:43 Hrs
WASHINGTON: Indian-American philanthropist Frank Islam has been felicitated with the Interfaith Leadership Award for ... more>>
Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 10:56 Hrs
WASHINGTON: A Muslim-American woman, whose parents are from India and Pakistan, has won a key local electio... more>>
Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 10:54 Hrs
NEW YORK: Indian American Governor Nikki Haley is one of the contenders for Secretary of State or other cabinet posit... more>>
Thursday, 17 November 2016, 11:05 Hrs
WASHINGTON: Four Indian-Americans, including two women, elected to House of Representatives and the Senate in the his... more>>
Wednesday, 16 November 2016, 11:49 Hrs
WASHINGTON: Two-term Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the first ever Indian-American to be elected as a state Governo... more>>
Monday, 14 November 2016, 11:52 Hrs
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