Top 10 Tech Stories Of 2012

Bangalore: 2012 was enriched with evolutions and revolutions in tech. Justifying the phrase, “change always involves conflict,” tech giants fought with each other in markets, web, courts, and even among themselves, paving way to some major headlines of the year. Adding to it, 2012 also witnessed some unbelievable transitions of  few tech titans.

Here are the top 10 stories, which defined the year in tech.

#10 Microsoft’s Biggest Bet Ever: Windows 8

Microsoft is the ever grateful tech giant to millions. Its products defined the term “computer” to many. The tech titan, who is lately in a struggling phase, has released its trump card, Windows 8 into the market few months back. The stakes have never been higher for the software giant, which dominated the industry for three long decades. The future rests in success of Windows 8 for PCs, Windows phone 8 for the Smartphones and Windows RT for tablets. The company has also made a risky entry into the hardware segment with its own tablet Surface and is readying the office and server software to be released in 2013. So the next year will decide Microsoft’s fate in the post PC era.

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