The Most Secure Operating Systems


Linux is a free and open source operating system unlike Mac OS and windows. It was initially developed to run only on Intel x 86 devices, but now it runs on all platforms such as mainframe, server and supercomputer. Linux is highly customizable, so that users can have their own arrangements on the desktop interfaces. As Linux is a multi-user OS, more than one user can be logged in at a time. User accounts are password protected that ensures no one has access to your own applications and data. In Linux, multitasking is made possible, by running several programs at the same time. This means that not only you can run the several programs at once; Linux OS also can have many programs running in the background. Other than LAN protocols like Ethernet, all other popular networking protocols are default. TCP/IP is the most popular networking protocols. Protocols such as IPX and X.25 are also available for Linux OS.

Windows 8

Introduced by the software giant Microsoft Corporation, Windows 8 has come up with innovative and dynamic desktop with tiles-based interface. Users can customize their desktop with the organization of the applications. It does not include a search box below the start menu. When you type anything, a search box will appear from the right with search results. You can also perform search within the apps that employ Windows 8′s search function. The search panel located on the right hand side of your desktop will have the list of apps where you can perform the search. ‘To Go’ feature enables the users to copy their complete operating system with settings, documents, wallpapers, and app into a USB drive. Using the new feature like Windows Live syncing, users can login to any Windows 8 computers with Live ID and retrieve their own customized settings on it.

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