The Most Secure Operating Systems

Mac OS

Apple has come up with some new features on Mac operating system. Multi-touch gestures of Mac OS enable the users to carry out certain commands using multiple points. Using a pinching motion to zoom out the photo is the great example for this; swiping two fingers on a touch screen or magic mouse will make the picture compress on the screen. Another feature is use of full-screen applications, which is exclusively launched for iOS devices. Mac OS X Lion displays these applications as full-screen apps, by providing the user with maximum amount of screen area. Using feature like Mission Control, you can have a quick look at every app that is running on your device. Auto-save feature of Mac OS helps to prevent the loosing of data. Another feature called Versions can provide the history of files you have worked on. If you feel that your work is on wrong direction, you can revert to the previous version and start again without discarding the whole file. With AirDrop feature, you do not need a wireless connection to share the documents across the Mac devices. Voice over feature of Mac OS X is helpful for visually impaired people to operate their devices easily. The device can read out the documents loudly and the OS contain voices that can speak 22 different languages.


Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system based on Debian. Exclusively developed for computers, Smartphones, tablets, servers and smart-TVs. Ubuntu comes with many software packages that are licensed under GNU General Public License. This software enables the users to copy, develop, modify, and reorganize their own programs. It includes software programs such as FireFox, Empathy, Transmission, and LibreOffice. Using The OS also supports programs that are developed for Microsoft Windows using Wine and Virtual Machine. Sudo tool is added as a security feature, which offer rights for administrative tasks, prevent users from making system changes. Ubuntu contains graphical desktop environment and supports up to 46 languages.

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