Tech World Mourns Death Of India's Open Source Proponent Atul Chitnis

Bangalore: "You're never remembered for doing what is expected of you," said Atul Chitnis, and yes we remember you for every bit of revolution that helped in spreading open source software in India and across world.

Hailed as ‘open source guru,’ Atul Chintis, 51, lost his long stand with cancer on Monday. He is survived by his wife Shubha and daughter Geetanjali.

Atul Chitnis was a German-born Indian consulting technologist.  As Consulting Editor for PCQuest from 1996 to 2002, he was responsible for the PCQuest Linux Initiative, an effort to introduce FOSS and Linux to readers of the popular magazine.  Working with the FOSS community (most prominently the Bangalore Linux User Group that he had helped create in 1998), seminars and articles, he encouraged people to try out and use FOSS technologies. He also encouraged the FOSS community to participate in large technology events such as Bangalore The exposure from these events gained the community more visibility and credibility in industry and government.

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