Indian IT Cos Create More Jobs In U.S. Than Native Counterparts

Bangalore: Indian IT companies create more jobs in U.S. than the country’s very own companies like IBM and Accenture, reports Economic Times.

However, U.S. still seeks the immigration bill that will penalize Indian IT companies and benefit their American counterparts, according to brokerage firm JP Morgan. Irony is that, in last seven years, Indian IT companies added an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 jobs in U.S. whereas IBM reduced its workforce and      Accenture's addition to its U.S. workforce has been marginal.

IBM’s workforce in U.S. is estimated at 91,000 in 2012 drown from 133,789 in 2005, according to IBM’s employee union Alliance. In contrast, the company added 1 lakh people in the last seven years, but all of it overseas. The company’s workforce in India rose from 36,000 in 2005 to an estimated 135,000 in 2012, and some reports say it is 150,000 now. "India continues to remain a primary destination for global delivery and it's not surprising to know that US companies are adding headcount here," says Siddharth Pai, partner and president of Asia Pacific in advisory firm Information Services Group (ISG).

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