Google Is Killing These 8 Heavily Used Products

Bangalore: It’s spring-cleaning time for Google!!! The search engine giant said it is pitching its Reader service and seven other services as part of its cleaning under a house cleaning campaign that has shut down nearly 70 features of Google in the past two years.

Surprisingly, some of the products that hit the kill-switch consist of heavily used ones like Google Reader. Last year also, the company had killed good products like Picasa Web albums for Mac and iPhoto, Picasa for Linux, Google Talk for Mobile Web and Google sync for Blackberry.

Have a look at the products that has hit the Google’s junk this time.

#8 Google Building Maker

Google Building Maker, web application that allows users to build three-dimensional buildings for inclusions on Google Earth. Currently, it is available in 127 countries.

The Bad News: Google announced the cancellation of the application and will be effective on June 1, 2013.

The Good News: Users will still be able to access and export their models from the 3D Warehouse

What Google suggests: Expand the availability of comprehensive and accurate new 3D imagery on Google Earth and people can still use Google Map Maker to add building information such as outlines and heights to Google Maps.

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