Beyond Google; 9 Ultimate Search Engines

Bangalore: Google may be the king. But besides this, there are lists of search tools and platforms that can get you freedom to search. Some of them even protect your searches maintaining a certain sense of privacy with your work.

Here is a list such of search engine tools as compiled by Mashable.

#9 DuckDuck Go

If privacy is your prioritized concern, then DuckDuck Go should be one among your choices. This is a search engine that uses information from sources like Wikipedia. According to the team behind this search engine, users have the privilege of better search functions, privacy protection and user information is not recorded.

The search engine features include ‘goodies’ or special search queries such as programming and calculations, browser extensions and most of all peace of mind.

#8 Wolfram Alpha

This is an answer engine that was developed by Wolfram Research. This online service answers queries directly by computing the answer from structured data rather than displaying a list of searches and documents containing the answer.

This dynamic search engine’s goal is to build on existing knowledge and become a single reliable source for definitive answers. Wolfram was released in 2009.

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